When and where

The sprint will be hosted in Paris, France on Feburary 15th, 16th and 17th (Friday to Sunday). We have access to a meeting room from 10h00 to 18h00 each day.

How to come

The sprint is kindly hosted by IRILL, in the 13th arrondissement or Paris, near the metro stop Place d’Italie.

See http://www.irill.org/about/access for more information.


4 of us will stay in the hostel Absolute Paris. If you join us for the sprint, you may want to stay in the same place. It costs approx. 30€/night/person.


  • Guillaume Hoffmann (gh) (arriving train station gare de l’est Fri at 9:46, leaving Sun at 20:13)
  • Owen Stephens (owst)
  • Ganesh Sittampalam (Heffalump)
  • Florent Becker (gal_bolle)
  • Radoslav Dorcik (dixie)


Sprint backlog



  • correction for http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1579 (dixie)
  • Discussion: Where is the manual?
    • Guillaume removed it (with the website) from the repository (july 2012)
    • darcs.net/manual is the last generated version from the reviewed repository
    • darcs can generate a commands reference with darcs help manpage (Groff output) and darcs help markdown (markdown, can be given to pandoc to convert in many formats)
    • the motivation of moving away from literate haskell and latex is to have everything in markdown
    • what we should ensure: 1) darcs.net/manual has something 2) this something corresponds to the current stable branch of darcs (as of now 2.8), because sometimes commands and flags change
  • Discussion: _darcs/inventories and _darcs/patches are not garbage collected


  • accept patch that closes http://bugs.darcs.net/issue904 (gh)
  • sent a patch to solve http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2274 (gh)
  • fixing network test harness (gh)



  • Discussion: GSoC 2013 projects. We will apply as independent organization and ask for 2 slots. We have at least 3 posible projects.


  • complete darcs help markdown so that it also outputs environment variables help and patterns help (dixie, gh)


  • Discussion: 2.10 release timeline:
    • we should have a beta by the time we apply as an organization for GSoC (ie, mid-March)
    • also it would be cool to have 2.10 on April 9th celebrate the 10 years of the initial announcement of darcs :-)
  • Discussion: last regrets for 2.10:
    • conclusion is we keep it at is, but with some documentation, and add Return as an alias for Space to pick the default option at any prompt
    • some documentation being “did you know you can avoid the last question by pressing ‘a’ or ‘d’ when you’re done?”
    • With future fixes as we find them, including: “Did you mean to record nothing?” if you’ve said n to each “do you want to record this?”