Translations with other distributed VCS

Basic distributed version control

The following commands have the same name in darcs, git and hg, with minor differences due to difference in concepts:

  • init
  • clone
  • pull
  • push
  • log


concept darcs git hg
branch na branch branch
switch branch na [1] checkout update
  • [1] No in-repo branching yet, see issue555

Adding, moving, removing files

concept darcs git hg
track file add add add
copy file na na copy
move/rename file move mv rename

Inspecting the working directory

concept darcs git hg
working dir status whatsnew -s status status
high-level local diff whatsnew na na
diff local diff [1] diff diff
  • [1] we tend to use the high-level local diff (darcs whatsnew) instead. This displays the patches themselves (eg ‘mv foo bar’) and not just their effects (eg ‘rm foo’ followed by “add bar”)


concept darcs git hg
commit locally record commit commit
amend commit amend commit –amend commit –amend
tag changes/revisions tag tag tag

Inspecting the repository history

concept darcs git hg
log log log log
log with diffs log -v log -p log -p
manifest show files ls-files manifest
summarise outgoing changes push –dry-run log origin/master .. outgoing
summarise incoming changes pull –dry-run log ..origin/mast er incoming
diff repos or versions diff diff incoming /outgoing/dif f -r
blame/annotate annotate blame annotate


concept darcs git hg
revert a file revert foo checkout foo revert foo
revert full working copy revert reset –hard revert -a
undo commit (leaving working copy untouched) unrecord reset –soft rollback
amend commit amend commit –amend commit –amend
destroy last patch/ changeset obliterate delete the commit strip [1]
destroy any patch/ changeset obliterate rebase -i, delete the commit strip [1]
create anti-changeset rollback revert backout
  • [1] requires extension (mq for strip)

Collaborating with others

concept darcs git hg
send by mail send send-email email [1]
  • [1] requires extension (patchbomb for email)

Advanced usage

concept darcs git hg
port commit to X rebase rebase/cherry -pick transplant

Translations from Subversion

Subversion idiom Similar darcs idiom
svn checkout darcs clone
svn update darcs pull
svn status -u darcs pull –dry-run (summarize remote changes)
svn status darcs whatsnew –summary (summarize local changes)
svn status | grep ‘?’ darcs whatsnew -ls | grep ^a (list potential files to add)
svn revert foo.txt darcs revert foo.txt (revert to foo.txt from repo)
svn diff darcs whatsnew (for local changes)
svn diff darcs diff (for local and recorded changes)
svn commit darcs record + darcs push
svn diff | mail darcs send
svn add darcs add
svn log darcs log

Discrepencies between DVCS

Git has the notion of an index (which affects the meanings of some of the commands), Darcs just has its simple branch-is-repo-is-workspace model.

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