So you have a Darcs repository, but your users would prefer to use Git/Hg as a client. How can we make this easy? Our hope is to provide easy copy-and-pasteable recipes for contributing to Darcs-hosted projects via another DVCS.

Exporting to Git

The simplest way is to use Darcs 2.10 with its command darcs convert export.

For a one-time export you can use the recipe:

$ cd repo
$ git init ../mirror
$ darcs convert export | (cd ../mirror && git fast-import)

For incremental export using marksfiles (to maintain a git mirror of a darcs repository):

$ cd repo
$ git init ../mirror
$ touch ../mirror/git.marks
$ darcs convert export --read-marks darcs.marks --write-marks darcs.marks
   | (cd ../mirror && git fast-import --import-marks=git.marks --export-marks=git.marks)

Importing from Git

Only one-time import is currently available (as opposed to incremental).

To convert a git repository to darcs (suppose that git-repo is the directory contains git source code, and darcs-repo is the directory for darcs)

$ (cd git-repo; git fast-export --all --progress 500) | darcs convert import darcs-repo

One-time conversion from darcs-1 semantics to darcs-2 semantics

See DarcsTwo for more information about this.

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