Here are links to the slides and papers from some darcs-related work:

  1. Darcs - what, why and how

    • video of talk at London HUG by Ganesh Sittampalam, 2013-04-24
  2. Analysis, Modeling and Testing of Darcs Patch Theory Kernel

    • Iago Abal, 2011-06-05
  3. Where do we go from here? - Ganesh Sittampalam, 2011-04-01

    • How does Darcs fit into an increasingly Git-centric world? “If Darcs didn’t exist, it would still be worth writing today”
  4. Darcs in 2010 - Eric Kow, 2010-09-10 Where we are in 2010 and we want to go from here

  5. An introduction to darcs in french

    • Florent Becker, aimed at getting researchers at his lab interested into darcs.
  6. A formalization of darcs patch theory using inverse semigroups

    • Judah Jacobson, 2009
  7. “Type Correct Changes: A Safe Approach to Version Control Implementation.” Jason Dagit, 2009-03-20. The use of Haskell GADTs and phantom types to make darcs code more transparent, robust and approachable

  8. Why do we continue to develop Camp? - Ian Lynagh 2008-12-02, YouTube

  9. 2008 ACM talk -“Haskell, static typing, type witnesses and darcs.” David Roundy, 2008-10-05 Introducing darcs and the type witness work

  10. 2006 CS Colloquiem Talk from OSU, 20 November 2006. “Verifying the darcs patch code.” David Roundy

  11. 2006 FOSDEM talk from February 2006. “Implementing the darcs patch formalism … and verifying it” David Roundy

    This talk covers the patch formalism and the use of GADT type witnesses to enforce patch relationships.

  12. 2005 Haskell Workshop talk from 2005. “Darcs: Distributed Version Management in Haskell” David Roundy

    Talks about experiences of darcs with the Haskell language.

  13. 2005 CUFP talk. “The Myth and Reality of using Haskell in the ‘Real World’”. David Roundy

    Addresses experiences with finding contributors for darcs, given that it’s written in the Haskell language.

(Note: Anyone who cares to would be welcome to write better summaries…)