The sprint will be hosted in Paris, France on September 18th, 19th and 20th (Friday to Sunday). We have access to a meeting room from 10h00 to 18h00 each day (except from 10h30 on Friday).


The sprint is kindly hosted by IRILL, in the 13th arrondissement or Paris, near the metro stop Place d’Italie.

See http://www.irill.org/about/access for more information.


TODO check hostel Absolute Paris.


  • Guillaume Hoffmann (gh) (arriving gare de l’Est Thurs 21:46, leaving IRILL on sunday at 18:00)
  • Ganesh Sittampalam (Heffalump) (arriving gare du nord Thurs 23:17, Eurostar leaves GdN Sunday 20:13)
  • Eric Kow (kowey)
  • Thomas Miedema
  • Dan Frumin (notdan) (arriving at Paris-Nord on Friday evenin, leaving by Thalys at 18:25 on Sunday)
  • Vinh Dang (saturday and sunday)
  • you!


Sprint backlog


  • breakfast and chat
  • Guillaume claims http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2436 , started exploring interactive selection and patch choices code with help from Ganesh, Eric
  • Thomas looked at darcs + ghc 8 ( https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/10653 )
  • what we need in ghc 7.10.3 -> nothing it seems


  • The manual status: in the old days of darcs, the documentation was present as LaTeX comments in the source code; that proved to be prone to users ignoring it. In the last iteration of darcs the manual was a HTML file generated from some introductory text and squashed together with the darcs help output. However, the manually handled part of the documentation got a bit out of date, and the darcs team decided to sack it with the release of 2.10. Now the documentation is present in the form of darcs help markdown, darcs help patterns, darcs help environment + the wiki.
  • Dan takes a stab at viewing suspended patches in Darcsden
  • Vinh gives comments about the website/wiki
  • Guillaume digs more into select changes


  • Guillaume deciding to have the NamedPatch to PatchInfo optimization into 2.10.2
  • kicking off darcs.net’s upgrade to current debian stable (ganesh and eric)
  • Guillaume: porting Ale’s last year get deps to HEAD