Date and Venue

When: 15-17 October 2010


  • University of Orleans, France (LIFO, Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale d’Orléans) Sunday maybe at the IUT (on the other side of the campus)

Your checklist

  • Please register by emailing Eric
  • Let Eric know if you’d like to make a travel claim
  • Prepare your laptop for Darcs hacking (see below)

Key information


  1. Florent Becker
  2. Eric Kow (arriving the 13th and leaving the 19th)
  3. Reinier Lamers
  4. Guillaume Hoffmann (arriving the 15th at 19h03 at Orlean Lea Aubrais train station and leaving the 17th at 18h54 at Orleans Centre train station)

Darcs hacking quick start

You’ll have more fun if you can hit the ground running, so please make sure you can do all of these things:

  1. darcs get –lazy http://darcs.net

  2. cabal configure; cabal build

  3. darcs send (your patch should wind up on the tracker)

    1. create a test patch (see http://darcs.net/report.html )
    2. see Msmtp for easiest setup or configure your MTA if you know how
    3. darcs send
    4. wait 10 minutes
    5. check the patch tracker http://bugs.darcs.net (Patches > Show Open)



Darcs 2.8 Priorities

See Roadmap for what’s planned in Darcs 2.6.


  • issue1283 - test cases in separate directories

Eric work

  • test case for issue1923 (Adolfo’s patch)
  • prepare for GSoC mentor summit unconference


  1. anti-test-spam mechanism so I can test BTS changes without spamming lists [DONE]
  2. make it so that updates are from nobody (contrib/darcsroundup) [DONE]
  3. robots field in config.ini [NOT REALLY NEEDED? seems we want to distinguish darcswatch from noreply, anyway]
  4. update to needs-screened [DONE]
  5. investigate cause of encoding issues in :patch-tracker :issue1803 https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=20100621201605.GE5814%40brighton.ac.uk&forum_name=roundup-users
  • look into interface for attaching a message to a new ticket
  • attempt to restore darcs BTS db backup from dump http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.1/static/backup.html#BACKUP-DUMP-RESTORE :tracker-backup
  • RND wasn’t clear that ball was in my court - what to do? :patch-tracker
  • if state changes to amend-requested, re-assign to creator :patch-tracker
  • turn on BTS email censoring and test roundup bug again :issue1667 :bug-tracker
  • why do we get an error copying msgs from patch to issue :bug-tracker

Darcs wiki

  • investigate ditaa integration :darcs-wiki
  • investigate graphviz-gitit integration :darcs-wiki
  • :darcs-wiki write magic links plugin :<>


Our previous experience has been that the sprint has been useful for designing stuff.

Topics open



  • messy cod

    • DarcsFlag
  • scary places

    • core
  • darcs hard to install (issue1970)

    • MacPorts problem
    • portability
  • patch-tag not as developed as GitHub

  • network effects

  • no repository history (Bryan O’Sullivan)

  • no version hashes (issue1992)

  • adventure

  • Conflicts UI :-(

    • show original state (Ganesh)
    • cleaner marking
    • graph-based (?) conflictors
    • accidentally recording conflict markers (related to issue1912?)
  • Relying less on darcs on servers

    • sftp repos - issue554
    • trust more file systems to create locks (ProbablyEasy)

No luck

Time to be determined: meeting with some lab members about XML patches and/or patch theory. Who’s interested by what?

  • Florent: both
  • Eric: both


  • Machine readable formats

  • repo formats (eg. Camp) - Eric and Florent

  • Release Process

    • either new RM (Florent)
    • or rotating RM
    • or change approach
    • FEATURE-BASED alphas!
    • keep doing 6 monthly-type releases
    • aim for Darcs 2.8 in March (hackathon convergance is OK)


  • how to deal with work that affects old-fashioned given old-fashioned is going away? (Guillaume, Eric, Florent)

  • screened branch (everybody)

  • GSoC

    • wrap up email
    • principle: evaluate on basis of student (adapt to the student)
    • …in exchange for communication (we have to know who you are)
    • work: GUI backend, GUI defined limited, customer-defined work
  • github

  • BelHac attending (Guillaume), probably not

  • GH has done research into the state of darcs hosting solutions: trac-darcs, patch-tag, darcsden (Guillaume)

Travel plans

Orléans is divided in two distant (10km) halves: the center-city and the Source district. The campus is in the Source district. There is one hostel there, just by the campus.

To come to Orléans, you have to take the train from Paris (1h), and stop at either Les Aubrais Orléans or Orléans, then take the tram to Université - Parc Floral to get to the campus.

Shared hostel room

Who’s interested in sharing a hostel room?

  1. Guillaume
  2. Reinier