Date and venue

When: 14-15 November 2009


Key information

  • twitter/identi.ca : #darcs
  • IRC: #darcs on irc.freenode.net
  • wiki: please jot down meeting notes, etc on this wiki!

Getting started


  1. install msmtp (use zetkin.htu.tuwien.ac.at if you need an SMTP server)

    from you@gmail.com 
    user darcs09
    password sprint09
    host zetkin.htu.tuwien.ac.at
    tls on
    auth on
    syslog on
    tls_certcheck off
  2. grab darcs

    darcs get --lazy http://darcs.net darcs
    cd darcs
    echo "record no-test" >> _darcs/prefs/defaults 
    echo "send sendmail-command msmtp -t %<" >> _darcs/prefs/defaults
    echo "send edit-description" >> _darcs/prefs/defaults
  3. find a trivial bug to work on: http://code.haskell.org/darcs/hlint.html

    cd darcs
    # hack hack hack
    darcs record
    darcs send
  4. see GettingStarted page


  1. hashed-storage: Windows bugs fixed
  2. hashed-storage warnings
  3. issue1244 - darcs convert

Prioritising for sprint (Friday)

Vienna: held discussions on the DeleteFile problem on Windows, upcoming list of priorities, probably easy bugs - Eric, Luca, Reinier, Petr, Salvatore

SVN support (Saturday)

  • Eric, Petr, Thomas.
  • non-reproducible : darcs get first
  • darcs pull
  • IRC: do we even want this?

Windows support meeting (Sunday)

  1. Official binary

  2. Better Windows distribution

    • installer
    • supported SSH tools: Tortoise SSH, putty-keygen
    • email support: msmtp-like tool
  3. Cygwin

    • don’t support until there is a GHC Cygwin
    • just use the official binary
    • TODO: document what works and doesn’t work
  4. Darcs send sucks

  5. Windows 7

    • need to find a buildslave

Darcs Roadmap

  • Darcs 2.4 priorities - things we can do now
  • Darcs 2.5 Windows installer and filecache work…

Winding up

How to make Darcs better

  • DEFINITELY do the top N list of probablyeasy bugs (that worked well)
  • send email with more precise instructions on getting darcs set up for sending patches
  • possible darcs hacking VM image
  • better mentoring: group mentoring session in the beginning, pairing people
  • encourage USB keyboards for pair programming
  • darcs sprint repo


Target 2.4 Priorities

  1. hashed-storage : only use mmap for index and nothing else

    • does this fix the Windows bugs? [IT DOES! rejoice!]
    • does this significantly degrade performance [just curious?]
  2. does darcs-benchmark work on Windows?

  3. break global cache up into subdirectories

ProbablyEasy Priorities

Slightly more challenging, but still not too hard


All Darcs/Camp related work is welcome, but here are the two areas we will be focusing on.

  • Darcs 2.4 polish: Darned good hashed repositories

  • Haskell/Darcs training: Brush up on Haskell hacking on a real world open source project

    • Dedicated mentor(s) will be available

      • Salvatore Insalaco
      • Reinier Lamers
      • Eric Kow (tentative)
    • ProbablyEasy bugs

Helpers needed

  • At least one more mentor required (Eric can fill in otherwise)
  • Photographer (Portland)


Friday (Vienna)

12:00 - Meet at Hotel Bristol Kärntner Ring 1, 1015 Vienna, Austria

16:30 - Meet at Hostel Ruthensteiner Robert Hamerling Gasse 24, 1150 Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus


09:00 - Arrival, settling in

09:30 - Hello! Introductions, pairing, bug tracker

10:00 - Hack time!

13:00 - Lunch/meetings?

14:30 - Hack time!

18:00 - Drinks, dinner?


09:00 - Hack time!

13:00 - Lunch/meetings?

14:30 - Hack time!

16:30 - Roadmap planning meeting [Vienna]

17:30 - Wrap up, taking stock

18:00 - Drinks, dinner?

Upcoming meetings

Please add yourself if you’re interested in joining a chat :-) Nothing formal, really! Just making a note of things that would be nice to discuss

  • Eric, Thomas SVN integration [Saturday morning?]
  • Eric, Joachim darcswatch/roundup integration [Saturday afternoon?]
  • Eric, Salvatore, Reinier - what’s our Windows strategy? [Sunday afternoon?]
  • Everybody - planning the Darcs Roadmap [Sunday afternoon]
  • ??? - sorting out the darcs preferences [Sunday morning]

Vienna Attendees

  1. Joachim Breitner [arriving airport Sat 08:00, leaving Mon 18:10]
  2. Benedikt Huber (local team)
  3. Eric Kow [arriving airport Fri 10:20, leaving Mon (morning) 11:00]
  4. Reinier Lamers [arriving airport Fri 14:00, leaving Mon 14:00]
  5. David Markvica (local team)
  6. Petr Rockai [arriving to Westbahnhof around 4 PM on Fri, leaving from Südbahnhof at 7:28 AM on Mon]
  7. Radoslav Dorcik (Haskell beginner) [commuting from Bratislava]
  8. Salvatore Insalaco (mentor) [arriving airport Fri 09:05, leaving Sun 20:10]
  9. Matthias Fischmann [just arrived, my flight is leaving mon 6:30am]
  10. Thomas Danecker (local team)
  11. Christian Berrer (local team)
  12. Luca Molteni (Haskell beginner) [arriving airport Fri 09:05, leaving Sun 20:10]
  13. Federico Sudaro (Haskell beginner)
  14. Roman Plášil (beginner)
  15. Tomáš Caithaml [arriving Joseph-Roth-Gasse/Praterstern Fri 15:30]

Portland Attendees

  1. Jason Dagit (Call Jason via Google Voice)
  2. Don Stewart
  3. Josh Hoyt
  4. Thomas Hartman
  5. Thomas DuBuisson


Affordable hostels in Vienna:

Public Transport in Vienna

For 13,60€ you get a 72h ticket. All tickets are valid for the Underground and all the trains, trams and busses in Vienna (except some special sight-seeing busses and the like).

From the Airport you can take the Train S8 to Landstraße-Wien Mitte (don’t take the CAT [City Airport Train], this one has to be payed extra and isn’t really faster). From there you can take the U3 (Underground) to Westbahnhof which is 5 minutes from the Hostel Ruthensteiner.

You can get to the University of Technology by Underground (U1/U2/U4, Station Karlsplatz) or by Tram (1/62, Station Resselgasse).

Just use Google Maps to look for the fastest routes (by switching to “By public transport”).