Things that we would like darcs 3 to do differently from current darcs (“getting it right the first time around”).

But on the other hand, beware THE SECOND-SYSTEM EFFECT

  • New diff methods: block move diffs (discussion), binary issue1233 and word-based (word-by-word instead of line-based) issue2315
  • Partial checkout: issue2329
  • Integrated distributed wiki, bug tracker, and social web interface: issue2363
  • UTF-8 metadata
  • Unicode filenames? issue1863
  • conflict marking
  • robustness wrt unsupported filenames (internal representation of file id?)
  • patch format and bundle format
  • support for merging unrelated repositories?
  • better preferences system (maybe be done earlier)
  • symlink support? issue820
  • using a .darcsrepo directory instead of _darcs issue129
  • sha1 hashing everywhere (patches, repos, repos state)
  • handling of various patch types: “usual” patches, bug patches (a la bugs everywhere), etc. ( issue1786 )
  • a packed+hashed format for repositories (issue1535)
  • improved handling of filenames: AddAddConflicts [HARD]
  • patch format that properly supports the distinction between tag and non-tag patches
  • fix commute with respect to null-hunks (Hunk line [] [])
  • improve support for token-replace patches (doc refers to some limitations due to the current patch format), maybe it does not worth it ?

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