News and discussions

  1. Since the first release of Darcs 2.12, we released a few minor versions, the latest being 2.12.5 on January:

  2. Ben Franksen and and Gian Piero Carrubba performed some refactorings about Darcs (zsh) autocompletion:

  3. As for Darcsden, the backend of http://hub.darcs.net, progress has been made on modernizing the ssh server used by it:

Issues resolved (7)

issue2138 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2496 Ben Franksen
issue2498 Ganesh Sittampalam
issue2504 Ben Franksen
issue2512 Stephan-A. Posselt
issue2516 Ben Franksen
issue2526 Ben Franksen

Patches applied (196)

2017-04-20 Ben Franksen
  • whatsnew: fixed wrong use of term hunk in help texts and comments
  • fixed haddocks for FreeRight
  • harness: honor failing- prefix for network tests just as for shell tests
2017-04-14 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • remove some impredicativity in the test harness
2017-04-01 Gian Piero Carrubba
  • Miscellaneous minor cleanups
2017-03-31 Ben Franksen
  • fixed type option argument to –siblings
  • cleanup imports in diff command
  • removed all help options
  • remove –overview option, add -V as –version alias
  • zsh completion: suppress possible error messages with –list-options
  • removed unused option reorderPatches (all commands use option ‘reorder’)
  • add class YesNo and instances to Darcs.Options.All
  • more option renaming: askdeps->askDeps, workingRepoDir->repoDir
2017-03-28 Ben Franksen
  • refactor: replace all trivial functions in D.UI.Flags with re-exports
  • fix handling of parse errors for –max-count option
  • renamed option xmloutput to xmlOutput
  • added infix operator (?) as synonym for parseFlags
  • remove flag list manipulation from show {authors, repo}
  • cleaned up pull command
2017-03-08 Gian Piero Carrubba
  • Accept issue2275: darcs follows symbolic links instead of ignoring them
2017-03-28 Ben Franksen
  • cleanup of Darcs.UI.Options “master” module
  • cleaned up obsolete comment in Darcs.UI.Options.All
  • renamed hasXmlOutput to xmlOutput, hasXmlOutput returns Bool
  • rename (amQuiet,amVerbose) to (quiet,verbose), move to D.UI.Flags, and export
  • re-write of zsh completion script
  • use knownFileArgs, not noArgs, for show files
  • complete files for darcs replace only if 2 args are already present
  • refactored shell completion support
  • refactored repair/check command
  • remove files and directories options from commands that don’t use them
  • show repo: fixed excessively borked code indentation
  • removed mention of –files from help text for show repo command
  • show repo: removed –files option, removed manual flags parsing
  • fix warning in harness/Storage/Hashed/Test.hs
  • show repo: fixed formatting (boringfile Pref overflowed alignment)
  • add patch index status to show repo command
  • annotate/options: allow –human-readable to counter –machine-readable
2017-04-07 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • remove outdated directory_confusion.sh
  • remove unused toolbox.sh test
2017-03-22 Ben Franksen
  • simplified implementation of Darcs.UI.Options.All.dryRun
  • refactor: add data type for hook options
  • refactor: move usage and help related functions from Darcs.UI.Commands to Darcs.UI.Usage
  • refactor: moved printDryRunMessageAndExit from Darcs.UI.Commands to Darcs.UI.Commands.Util
  • refactor: help and usage formatting cleanup
  • improved haddocks for Darcs.Util.Printer
  • remove umask and update_working parameters from withRepoLockCanFail
  • fixed Darcs.Util.Printer.vsep by folding over a new binary operator vplus
  • removed Darcs.Util.Environment: we require base >= 4.8 anyway so just use lookupEnv
  • add cabal.project.local (created by cabal new-configure) to .boring
  • tests/log.sh: run tests in separate dirs and don’t remove them
  • fixed typo in option help for –no-pending
2017-03-20 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • add some more test cases of command-line substitution
  • move some tests from documentation to the actual test harness
2017-03-15 Ben Franksen
  • resolve issue2526: actually consider boring option in D.UI.Flags.diffingOpts
  • accept issue2526: whatsnew -l –boring should list boring files
2017-03-15 Gian Piero Carrubba
  • bash_completion: copy the approach used by the zsh completion
  • bash_completion: better support for multi-level commands
2016-11-02 Timo von Holtz
  • fix mail encode with ‘.’ or ‘=’ as last character
2017-02-26 Ben Franksen
  • fixed a todo comment regarding email encoding
  • add roundtrip property for email MIME codec and a unit test
  • resolve issue2504: skip ssh tests that require password input
2016-09-29 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • introduce withOldRepoLock, reduce code specific to old-fashioned repos
  • save lines in D.R.Hashed
  • remove a useless forall in D.R.Pending
  • remove useless language extensions in Darcs.Repository modules
  • remove a few useless foralls
  • rename Darcs.Repository.Internal to Darcs.Repository.Identify
  • move hashed related functions from Internal to Hashed
  • move repoPatchType from Internal to InternalTypes
  • create Repository.Working
  • move merge related functions from Internal to Merge
  • move pending related functions from Internal to Pending
  • rename Darcs.Repository.HashedRepo to Darcs.Repository.Hashed
2017-03-08 Gian Piero Carrubba
  • Fix 'optimize <subcommand> --list-options'
2016-12-20 Ben Franksen
  • resolve issue2516: joining (possible) URL path elements should not use </> from System.FilePath
2017-01-10 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • support vector 0.12
  • support directory 1.3
  • support HUnit 1.4 and 1.5
  • support time 1.7
  • add IsRepoType constraint to the PrimV1Job type
2016-10-18 Stephan-A. Posselt
  • resolve issue2512: author name is written to repository after multiple-choice prompt
  • added regression test for issue2512
2016-09-29 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • typo in test oldfashioned.sh
  • remove show bug test
  • merge Motd module into Prefs
  • remove show bug hidden command
  • delete outdated script run-all-tests
  • merge two tests into revert.sh
  • merge one add test into add.sh
  • rollback template haskell hack since we use cabal >= 1.18
  • bump cabal dependency to 1.22.5 and remove workaround in cabal file
  • bump dependencies following haskell platform 7.10.3
  • mark comment as TODO
  • really fix compilation under Windows
  • resolve issue2510: import Control.Exception even under Windows
  • changelog entries for 2.12.1 and 2.12.2
  • add missing sshlib import to test
  • no longer print darcs version in output of help markdown
  • resolve issue2507: add tests/network/sshlib to extra-sources-files
2016-08-31 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • improve error message when library ends up unbuildable
  • bump QuickCheck dependency
  • resolve issue2498: unconditionally use the Haskell HTTP package
2016-05-06 Ben Franksen
  • added regression test for issue2496
  • resolve issue2496: improve output of darcs whatsnew with file arguments
  • fix in record: use only existing file arguments when querying patches
2016-05-05 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • silence the GHC 8.0 redundant constraints warning for now
  • remove unused class member ‘maybeWork’ from ParserM
  • remove unused class member ‘toChar’ from Darcs.Util.Path.CharLike
  • remove unused class member ‘toFL’ from Darcs.Patch.Non.WL
2016-07-02 Sergei Trofimovich
  • Tweak for sandi-0.4.*
2016-09-01 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • require GHC 7.10 and time 1.5
  • merge show contents tests
  • merge diff tests
  • remove trivial test justrm.sh
  • merge one test into rmdir.sh
  • delete rmdir-formerly-pl.sh subsumed by show_files.sh
  • merge two tests into record.sh
  • merge one test into clone.sh
  • merge init tests
  • merge annotate tests
  • merge rollback tests
  • merge apply tests
  • merge tag tests
  • merge repair and check tests
  • merge oldfashioned tests
  • remove unclear nfs-failure.sh test
  • merge clone tests
  • bump version to 2.13.0
  • TAG 2.12.0
  • remove -prof flags from darcs.cabal
  • do not pass rts flag for library
  • remove hpc flag since cabal supports it since 2015
  • 2.12 changelog
  • move runHLint.sh to contrib and add to darcs.cabal
  • bump version to 2.12.0
  • consistently use ‘working tree’ phrase
  • merge a test into optimize.sh
  • merge tests into log.sh and rename changes to log
  • consolidate push shell tests
  • consolidate pull shell tests
  • consolidate add shell tests
  • improve issue1825 test
  • consolidate remove shell tests
  • consolidate unrecord shell tests
  • consolidate mv shell tests
  • consolidate record shell tests
  • consolidate unrevert shell tests
  • rename changes tests to log and consolidate
  • consolidate amend shell tests into one
  • consolidate dist shell tests into one
  • consolidate replace shell tests into one
  • consolidate whatsnew shell tests into one
  • consolidate obliterate shell tests into one
  • merge UI.RemoteApply into UI.Commands.Push
  • remove support for DARCS_GET_ and DARCS_APPLY_ hacks
  • fix failing-merging_newlines.sh
  • fix failing-issue2293
  • rm failing-issue2238 wrongly failing and fixed anyway
  • add lib import to test
  • fix issue1702 test and accept issue as resolved
  • fix failing-issue1316
  • remove failing-issue1013 tests as not interesting
  • remove annotate –index form failing-index test
2016-02-28 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • support base-4.9 (GHC 8.0)
  • add type signature needed for GHC 8.0
  • add pragma needed for GHC 8.0
2016-04-21 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • update messages in Darcs.Patch.Match
  • reduce help of init
  • mention weak hash in help of show repo
  • update help of diff
  • reduce help of push
  • reduce help of pull
  • reduce help of clone
  • reduce help of record
  • darcs help: new sections and order for commands
  • remove all hidden aliases of show, deprecated for years
  • make some command descriptions shorter and nicer
  • merge all show patch-index commands into one
  • hlint Darcs.UI.Commands.Convert
  • hlint Darcs.UI.Commands.Optimize
  • hlint Darcs.Util.Ssh
  • hlint Darcs.Util.Tree*
  • remove unnecessary pragma in Darcs.Util.Exception
  • remove unnecessary pragma in Darcs.UI.Command.Record
  • remove unnecessary pragma in Darcs.UI.Command.Convert
  • remove unnecessary pragma in Darcs.UI.Command.Apply
  • remove unnecessary pragmas in Darcs.Repository.Rebase
  • remove unnecessary pragma in Darcs.Patch.Rebase.Container
  • remove unnecessary pragma and do in Darcs.Patch.Named.Wrapped
2016-04-21 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • add a couple of missing upper bounds
  • add traverse to Darcs.Prelude to fix build on GHC 7.6
2016-04-08 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • resolve issue2138: report conflicting files in whatsnew -s
  • move local functions of getMovesPs closer to where used
  • reimplement resolution of –look-for-moves and update tests
  • fix and clarify getReplaces
  • fix a network test after annotate patch feature removal