News and discussions

  1. The next Darcs Sprint will take place in Paris on September 18-20th. Please add yourself to the wiki page if you’re going!

  2. Darcs 2.10.1 was released (bugfixes, dependency versions bump):

Issues resolved (19)

issue2102 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2307 Daniil Frumin
issue2308 Ben Franksen
issue2327 Alain91
issue2420 Ben Franksen
issue2421 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2423 Alain91
issue2433 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2438 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2444 Ben Franksen
issue2446 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue2447 Ben Franksen
issue2448 Gian Piero Carrubba
issue2449 Ganesh Sittampalam
issue2451 Ben Franksen
issue2457 Ben Franksen
issue2461 Ben Franksen
issue2461 Ben Franksen
issue2463 Joachim Breitner

Patches applied (145)

2015-06-28 Ben Franksen
  • removed cleaning of _darcs/patches before getting patches pack
2015-07-30 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • require text>= if using ghc 7.10
  • require text>= if using ghc 7.10
2015-07-04 Ben Franksen
  • extended network/log.sh test (repeat without any filename arguments)
2015-07-16 Joachim Breitner
  • resolve issue2463: building darcs on powerpc
2015-07-02 Ben Franksen
  • simplified code in D.R.Ssh by using withMVar
  • use transferModeHeader from D.R.Ssh in D.U.C.TransferMode
  • made connection caching in Darcs.Repository.Ssh thread safe
2015-07-17 Sergei Trofimovich
  • Add missing file for ‘renames.sh’ test
2015-06-28 Ben Franksen
  • cleanup in Darcs.Util.URL
  • cleanup: break up an over long code line D.R.Clone
  • cleanup: removed unnecessary LANGUAGE CPP pragma from D.U.C.TransferMode
  • cleanup: removed an unused export from Darcs.UI.Options.Matching
  • Darcs.Repository.Clone: removed useless haddocks for createRepository
  • Darcs.Repository.Clone: moved cleanDir to the top level
  • renamed option matchOne to matchUpToOne
  • refactored Darcs.Repository
  • resolve issue2457
  • fixed comment: ammend does not use the matchOne option
  • added a test for issue2378 (no longer fails)
2015-07-09 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • please hackage adding ‘manual: True’ to the warn-as-error flag
2015-06-22 Ben Franksen
  • fix precondition violation in hashed-storage tests
  • resolve issue2461, this time also when no file names are specified
  • resolve issue2461: darcs log –repo=remoterepo creates and populates _darcs
  • extend network/log.sh test for things mentioned in issue2461
2015-07-03 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • rollback issue2455 test - issue now resolved as invalid
2015-06-21 Ben Franksen
  • accept issue2455: darcs record -la does not see a rmfile change
2015-06-28 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • stop test being sensitive to runner’s umask
2015-06-17 Ben Franksen
  • renamed no longer failing test for issue2086
  • removed Darcs.Patch.Prim.V3 from unit tests
  • removed no longer needed Darcs.Patch.CommuteRev
  • Darcs.Patch.V1.Commute: replaced :< with :>
  • Darcs.Test.Patch.Properties.V1Set1: replaced :< with :>
  • Darcs.Test.Patch.Examples.Set1: replaced :< with :>
  • Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1.Coalesce: replaced :< with :>
  • Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1.Commute: replaced :< with :>
  • Darcs.Patch.Depends: replaced :< with :>
2015-06-13 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • retire the (:<) type following the change in (:<:)’s argument order
  • Drop GHC 7.4 support, introduce ‘Darcs.Prelude’ to abstract over changes
2015-06-19 Ben Franksen
  • refactored ‘show files’ command
  • refactored annotate command implementation
  • removed firstMatch handling from dist command
  • cleanup: removed unused function from Darcs.Repository.Match
  • resolve issue2447 by using getNonrangeMatch as in ShowFiles
  • expandTo must unconditionally expand tree along the given path
  • pull the –index=N case into Darcs.Reporitory.Match.getNonrangeMatch
  • haveNonrangeMatch: return False for index ranges
  • renamed no longer failing test for issue2447
  • added a test to show that show files is not affected by issue2447
  • added test for issue2447
  • removed test for issue2308
  • resolve issue2308: use command agnostic comment for changes summary
  • renamed non-failing test for irreprodicible issue2242
  • renamed no longer failing test for issue1632
  • renamed no longer failing test for issue1928
  • renamed no longer failing test for resolved issue612
  • renamed no longer failing test for resolved issue2380
  • renamed no longer failing test for resolved issue1332
  • resolve issue2327: ask user to keep trying if locking fails
2015-05-31 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • fix warnings
2015-06-17 Owen Stephens
  • Issue 68 test no longer fails (also rework for a more efficient test)
  • Skip failing test 1829 on hashed repos, since its a problem with Conflictors
  • failing issue1401 test should be skipped on hashed repos, not fail
  • Failing issue2017 test now passes
2015-05-31 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • remove the “diff algorithm” choice from the NameHack class
2015-06-15 Ben Franksen
  • cleanup: removed obsolete comment
2015-06-13 Daniil Frumin
  • resolve issue2307: Add information about ‘darcs help manpage’ and ‘darcs help markdown’
2015-06-11 Ben Franksen
  • remove a parameter from locally defined isInteractive (amend, record)
  • resolve issue2444: added default interactivity parameter to isInteractive
  • tests/network/clone.sh: don’t remove test repos, let the framework do that
  • resolve issue2423
  • added clarifying comment to toobig (in function setEnvCautiously)
2015-06-12 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • require containers 0.5 and remove local copy of it
2015-06-16 Ben Franksen
  • re-add fastRemoveRL and use it in removeFromPatchSet
  • added / re-worded comments in Darcs.Patch.Depends
  • changed the argument order of PatchSet and backward operators
  • simplified HashedRepo.removeFromTentativeInventory
2015-05-31 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • fix warning
  • refactor updatePatchHeader a bit
  • move getLog into Darcs.UI.PatchHeader
  • extract updatePatchHeader into a separate module
2015-06-11 Ben Franksen
  • resolve issue2451: allow terminfo 0.4.*
2015-05-29 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • support network 2.5 and 2.6
  • support zlib 0.6
2015-06-11 Ben Franksen
  • cleanup: fixed previous whitespace change
  • cleanup: extra whitespace in import
  • cleanup: renamed Darcs.UI.Commands.formatPath to Darcs.Util.Text.quote
  • use die instead of fail in Darcs.UI.RunCommand
  • added die action to Darcs.Util.Exception as a replacement for fail
  • Darcs.UI.Defaults: upper case initial letter in error messages
  • purify Darcs.UI.Defaults, fixing two problems on the way
2015-05-08 Daniil Frumin
  • Fix error messages for V1/V2 jobs in Darcs.Repository.Job
2015-02-13 Ben Franksen
  • beautified error messages for command line and default files
  • move PatchFormat from Options to Repository (and use it there)
  • adapted tests/disable.sh to improved help completion
  • errorDoc now prints a stack trace (if profiling was enabled)
  • added debugDocLn to Darcs.Util.Printer
2015-06-08 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • fix warning
2015-06-07 Daniil Frumin
  • Fix the previous doFastZip patch
  • Generalize Darcs.UI.Commands.Dist.doFastZip
2015-05-30 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • rename dist.sh to dist-compare.sh to make it easier to pick out
  • support QuickCheck 2.8
  • bump attoparsec dependency
2015-05-01 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • remove permission workaround in release.sh
2015-05-03 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • resolve issue2449: use new hook in shelly to handle test output as binary
2015-04-19 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • TAG 2.10.0
  • hashed-storage: replace C SHA256 bindings with external libraries
  • fix test flags in release script
  • add missing hashed-storage extra files
  • NEWS for darcs 2.10.0
  • resolve issue2102: document packs in help of clone and optimize http
  • port test harness to cmdargs and shelly
2015-04-06 Gian Piero Carrubba
  • resolve issue2448: enable -h/–hash flag for the diff command
  • Add –from-hash/–to-hash options
2015-04-16 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • mention a couple of convert export limitations in help string
  • correctly take advantage of read-only cache locations
  • add debug messages and comments to Darcs.Repository.Cache
  • resolve issue2421: don’t fail if caches are not writeable
  • enable creating parent dirs so that copyFileUsingCache fails less often
  • fix cloning with –lazy –tag .
  • faster network clone test using smaller repo
  • resolve issue2446: in fast-export delete dirs before dumping contents
2015-03-03 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • silence warning (ghc<7.8) about the MINIMAL pragma
  • remove a few unneeded -fno-warn-incomplete-patterns
  • MINIMAL pragma for Effect class
2015-03-24 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • remove unused color flag in darcs.cabal
  • fast-export: rewriting single dots in tags was unneeded
  • resolve issue2433: fix help strings of send and fetch
  • clarify rollback help string
2015-03-10 Ben Franksen
  • resolve issue2420: commandGetArgPossibilities for apply should not list all files in the repo
2015-03-08 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • allow flag to prevent patch index creation with log and annotate
  • fix patch-index tests after defaults change
  • resolve issue2438: no longer build patch index by default on cloning
  • in annotate command, push call to withRepository deeper
  • replace old command names in network tests (get, put, changes)
  • reintroduce put command as deprecated
2015-02-13 Ben Franksen
  • deprecate the –hashed option in a more systematic manner
  • add generic support for deprecated options
2015-03-04 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • replace pointless import of Control.Monad.Except
  • Turn off deprecation warning for use of ‘parseTime’ for now
  • fix GHC 7.10 warning: explicitly quantify variables in type alias
  • ErrorT is deprecated, switch to ExceptT
  • export a couple of things needed by darcsden
  • add bounds to all dependencies
  • bump utf8-string upper bound