News and discussions

  1. Darcs will be participating to this year’s Google Summer of Code under the umbrella of Haskell.org! If you are interested please consult the ideas page and contact us:

  2. Sebastian Fischer implemented darcs-history, a program to be used as darcs posthook and that tracks patch movements inside of a repository:

  3. Sebastian also suggested the possibility for darcs to easily split and merge patches that are depended upon:

  4. Piyush P Kurur was also interested in some special kinds of deep amend-record:

Issues resolved in the last week (1)

issue2274 Guillaume Hoffmann

Patches applied in the last week (27)

2013-02-15 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • rename iconv functions imported from haskeline to avoid name clash
  • accept issue2293: patch index update reads too much of the repo
  • switch from sleep to threadDelay to fix warning
2013-02-22 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • set timeout to 1 second in expire-unused-caches test
2013-02-25 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • make –no-interactive an alias for –all
2013-02-21 Florent Becker
  • Make darcs changes interactive by default (darcs log is non-interactive)
  • Mark issue1105 as failing again
2013-01-02 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • test for issue2286: make sure we can read repos with non-UTF8 metadata
2013-02-22 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • warn earlier when DARCS_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT is not a number
  • correctly set curl connection timeout
  • no longer enable changes and annotate to create patch index
  • Resolve issue2274: create patch index only with commands that take a lock
  • improve output of get with and without –verbose
  • enable get –packs by default again
  • remove trackdown-bisect.sh long tests
  • less confusing apply –skip-conflicts message when everything conflicts
2013-01-01 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • We can use chcp to switch encodings on Windows
  • unsetting DARCS_TEST_PREFS_DIR in utf8 test doesn’t seem to be necessary
  • improve diagnostics when utf8 test fails
  • windows test fix: replace shell script with a Haskell program
  • disable join tests on Prim.V3 patches as it doesn’t support join yet
  • remove a couple of quickCheck tests that can never work
  • bump cryptohash dependency
2013-04-10 Owen Stephens
  • accept issue1577 - revert deletes new files
2013-02-16 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • simplify test case
2013-03-01 Owen Stephens
  • accept issue2310: rollback rmfile doesnt re-add in pending
  • Accept issue2308