News and discussions

  1. BSRK Aditya’s Summer of Code, supervised by Eric Kow and Benedikt Schmidt, ended successfully. The Patch Index optimization is now merged into screened and provides faster annotate and changes:

  2. Ganesh Sittampalam merged his rebase branch into HEAD:

  3. Simon Michael announced darcsden 1.0, the software behind the repository hosting and branch/fork managing website http://hub.darcs.net:

  4. Alexey Levan built a MSI installer for darcs 2.8.1:

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue2204 Eric Kow
issue2235 Dave Love
issue2237 Owen Stephens

Patches applied in the last week (74)

2012-09-09 Owen Stephens
  • In Patch/Depends, use an existing function, removing duplication
  • accept issue2238 passing -l twice to whatsnew gives incorrect output
2012-09-11 Dave Love
  • Resolve issue2235: Accept RFC2822 dates
  • Fix previous “hlint: removed redundant $” patch
2012-09-12 Owen Stephens
  • Remove a few trailing spaces in FileMod
  • Remove unnecessary explicit forall’s from FileMod type sigs
  • resolve issue 2237 prevent patch index creation for non-hashed repos
2012-09-09 BSRK Aditya
  • Move patch index creation on existing repositories to the end of command execution
  • Update patch index when creating or modifying a repository.
  • Move readRepo to new Darcs.Repository.Read module.
2012-08-18 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • remove now useless nesting of RepoType into Repository
2012-08-04 Eric Kow
  • Tighten up pending flag pattern matching.
  • Tidy up pending formatting and hlintesque issues more.
  • Commend and haddock a tiny bit of pending patch code.
  • Tidy Darcs.Repository.Internal.siftForPending code style.
2012-08-14 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • resolve conflicts in addition of PrimV1Job
  • add PrimV1Job kind of RepoJob to support darcsden
2012-08-18 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • darcs repair does not use compress flags, take advantage of this
  • rm compression flags when possible since pristine files are always compressed
2012-08-25 BSRK Aditya
  • Add a test command
  • Allow user interrupt when building patch index on existing repsitories
  • Use patch index in darcs annotate and changes
  • Print a message when building patch index on old repos
  • darcs show patch-index subcommands.
  • Add optimize –patch-index (and –disable-patch-index).
  • Tidy up patch-index code and remove unused parts.
  • Import and adapt original patch-index code from Benedikt.
2012-09-02 Owen Stephens
  • Grammar tweak of missing subcommand error message
  • Tidy/Style Patch/Format
  • Remove duplicate code in UI/PrintPatch
  • Style/Tidy UI/PrintPatch
  • Tidy/Style Patch/Viewing
  • Tidy/Style Patch/Show
  • Fix Send help showing description and vice-versa
2012-08-25 Eric Kow
  • Move darcs send messages to Darcs.UI.Message.
  • Resolve issue2204: do not send mail by default.
  • Create Darcs.UI.Message hierarchy.
2012-08-11 Ben Franksen
  • Add option -a to darcs changes in Setup.lhs
2012-08-21 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • add another test case for issue1316
2012-08-09 Eric Kow
  • Accept issue1316: amending out an adddir leaves detritus in pending.
2012-08-19 Owen Stephens
  • Tidy/Style Commands/Unrecord
2012-08-09 Eric Kow
  • Rename filterFLFL to filterOutFLFL.
2012-08-18 Owen Stephens
  • Tidy/Style Commands/ShowTags
  • Hlint suggestions to use unless
2012-08-09 Eric Kow
  • Zooko calls himself Zooko.
2012-08-05 Owen Stephens
  • Remove some duplicate code in URL.hs
  • Tidy/Style URL.hs
  • Move download filename creation into separate function in URL
  • Tidy/Style/Haddock URL/Request
2012-07-25 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • remove GNUmakefile duplicate line
  • reintroduce GNUmakefile for make tags
  • remove now gone documentation files from darcs.cabal
  • document command flags in darcs help markdown
  • extend record command help with data from manual
  • complete send command help with data from manual
  • extend pull command help with data from manual
  • extend apply command help with data from manual
  • copy –creator-hash flag help from manual to annotate command help
  • extend push command help with data from manual
  • introduce darcs help markdown, convert help messages to markdown
  • remove website and manual
2012-07-21 Owen Stephens
  • accept issue2213 - last regrets doesn’t respect dependencies in reverse order
2012-07-21 BRSK Aditya
  • Collect all applications of ./ ++ to one place
  • Fix annotate on directories
2012-07-15 Petr Rockai
  • Replace test_stub.hs with an #ifdef. Fixes Cabal’s sdist.
2012-07-12 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • rm no longer used UI flags AnyOrder and NoUpdateWorking
2012-07-16 Petr Rockai
  • Fix set-default-hint.sh, send without -O will fail without sendmail.
  • Fix issue1344 test to cope with set -o pipefail.
  • Do not insist that echo and cat need to live in /bin.
2012-06-06 Owen Stephens
  • accept issue2203
  • Add failing test for issue2208
  • Add failing test for issue2212
2012-07-15 Luke Worth
  • Refactor –patch X to use same code as –match ‘name X’
2012-07-18 Owen Stephens
  • Remove duplicate issue2066 test