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  1. News from Aditya’s Summer of Code work on patch index:

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  3. Eric Kow documented the workflow of having a group of users working with the same repository:

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue2193 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • make that finalizeTentativeChanges no longer run tests
  • http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2193
issue2198 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • move repo testing code to Darcs.Repository.Test
  • http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2198
issue2200 Owen Stephens
  • darcs replace complains if no filepaths given
  • http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2200

Patches applied in the last week (70)

2012-07-04 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • update help strings of –hashed and –darcs-2
  • move functions from Darcs.Utils to Repository and UI modules
2012-07-10 Owen Stephens
  • Fix an implementation style wart in Replace, from fix for issue2125.
2012-07-09 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • update darcs wiki repository url
2012-06-27 Owen Stephens
  • Remove reference to old patch-name flag in amend help
2012-07-02 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • delete remaining tests for rollback –record, fix pull.sh
  • remove rollback –record functionality
  • use nubSort function from data-ordlist instead of own
2012-07-01 Eric Kow
  • Simplify issue2200 test (Fails on Mac otherwise)
2012-06-21 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • move Darcs.Witnesses to Darcs.Patch.Witnesses
  • remove redundant hashed_inventory creation during get
  • move Darcs.Flags to Darcs.UI.Flags
  • remove Darcs.Flags import from all Darcs.Repository* modules
  • remove Darcs.Flags import from Darcs.Repository.State
  • remove Darcs.Flags import from Darcs.Repository.Motd
  • remove Darcs.Flags import from Darcs.Repository.Prefs
  • remove Darcs.Flags import from Darcs.Repository.Format
  • remove Darcs.Flags import from Darcs.Repository.Test
  • remove DarcsFlag from Repository datatype, use Darcs.Repository.Flags more
  • introduce Darcs.Repository.Flags and start using it
  • remove Darcs.Patch.Match dependency on Darcs.Flag
  • explicit imports for Darcs.Patch.Match
  • fix compilation on non-windows oses after Patchy change
2012-05-17 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • Darcs.Patch.Invert: missing newline at end of file
  • make Patchy smaller
  • use RepoPatch instead of Patchy constraint for matchers
  • relax type signature
  • add merge combinators
  • add utility function for changing type of a ListFormat
  • add commutation combinators for Named
  • drop unnecessary superclasses and move Invert FL/RL instances
  • break CommuteFn infrastructure out into separate module
  • add helper class for debugging patches
  • drop MyEq superclass from Patchy
  • get rid of joinPatches
  • drop some unnecessary Patchy constraints
2012-05-31 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • finer-grained import for Darcs.Repository.Match
  • move Darcs.ProgressPatches to Darcs.Patch.Progress
  • move MonadProgress into Darcs.Patch
2012-05-31 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • move formatText out from GZCRCs into Utils
2012-05-31 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • move Compat and Diff to Repository, start taking apart Darcs.Utils
2012-06-08 Alejandro Gadea
  • Hlint suggestion.
2012-05-30 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • fix build on Windows
  • accept issue2199: darcs get –tag gets too much
  • fix warning that was showing up on Windows
2012-05-26 Eric Kow
  • Eric no longer at University of Brighton.
2012-05-16 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • add comment about a dubious looking bit of code
2012-05-29 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • move Email External PrintPatch and SelectChange into UI
  • move function getTermNColors from D.External to D.ColorPrinter
  • move RemoteApply to UI
  • split Match in Repository-specific and Patch-specific modules
  • move Resolution into Repository
  • introduce and populate the UI module, move Annotate into Patch
  • rm Darcs.Patch.MatchData making patterns simply String, style Arguments
  • move function showFriendly from Darcs.Arguments to Darcs.PrintPatch
  • make that no repository-related modules depend on Darcs.Arguments
  • move malicious path test functions from Darcs.CommandAux to Darcs.Path
  • split External into Repository-specific and unspecific modules
  • move Lock into Repository, merge IO into Repository.ApplyPatches
  • move pending-patch-writing writePatch to Darcs.Repository.LowLevel
  • move command-helping functions from Darcs.Arguments to Darcs.Commands
  • introduce Darcs.Path to centralize path handling
  • resolve issue2198 move repo testing code to Darcs.Repository.Test
2012-05-18 matt@mattcox.ca
  • Adapt to tar API changes
2012-05-26 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • resolve issue2193 make that finalizeTentativeChanges no longer run tests
  • tests for issues 1845 1266 1932 2066 now passing
2012-05-30 Owen Stephens
  • enable 8bit escaping in issue1739 test
2012-05-14 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • TAG 2.9.2
2012-05-30 Owen Stephens
  • resolve issue2200: darcs replace complains if no filepaths given
  • Fix failing test due to modified replace behaviour