News and discussions

  1. Darcs 2.8.1 was released, the only change is a build dependency that will make it buildable with the next Haskell Platform:

  2. Meanwhile in HEAD, a new test strategy has been implemented:

  3. On the developers’ mailing list, we are discussing how to make the darcs development process more friendly:

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue1921 Owen Stephens
  • return Nothing in splitOnTag if the tag isn’t in the patchset
  • http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1921
issue2095 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • avoid new GHC encoding behaviour using a global setting
  • http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2095
issue2161 Owen Stephens
  • don’t use a separate type-variable for recorded/tentative in WhatsNew
  • http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2161

Patches applied in the last week (77)

2012-05-14 Simon Michael
  • home page: 2.8.1 release, trim news
2012-04-01 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • enable issue1763 test on Windows as it seems to work
  • resolve conflicts in GHC encodings fix
  • resolve issue2095: avoid new GHC encoding behaviour using a global setting
  • resolve conflict between issue2161 fix and witness macro removal
2012-03-21 Owen Stephens
  • resolve issue2161 - don’t use a separate type-variable for recorded/tentative in WhatsNew
2012-05-12 Simon Michael
  • home page: link hosting sites as suggested by Radoslav Dorcik
2012-04-21 Marc Simpson
  • Add new ‘usageInfo’ implementation (Darcs.Usage); employ in Darcs.Command.
2012-05-12 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • Accept issue2138 whatsnew –summary not reporting conflicts
  • fix duplicate appearance of darcs test in manual
  • fix failing test for issue2100
  • make exit code of darcs add non-zero if any adds fail
2012-01-19 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • resolve conflict in version number
  • TAG 2.9.1
  • bump version to 2.9.1
2011-09-07 Eric Kow
  • Accept issue2100: darcs add should move on from first failure.
2012-05-10 Simon Michael
  • home page: trim news
  • home page: update news
  • site: more css color cleanup
  • home page: or tweak
  • site: border color fix
  • site: css cleanups, pre bottom border
  • home page: move or
  • site: underline links only on hover
  • update Summersault thanks per markstos
  • home page: box shadow for examples, add the dark bg style but don’t use it
  • home page: less top padding, splash fits on iphone screen
  • home page: download box shadow
2012-04-11 Owen Stephens
  • Use a couple of @-patterns in Patch.Depends
  • Rename getTagsRight -> getUncovered, and move helpers into where block.
  • More tweaking of haddock of splitOnTag in Patch.Depends
  • Change name of infoAndDeps and add haddock to better express intent
  • Tweak/add more haddock to Patch.Depends
  • Reduce some duplication and tweak identifier names in Patch.Depends
  • Rename eatOne -> unwrapOneTagged and extract common code in Patch.Depends
  • Tidy up and style changes for Exec
  • Indentation and line-wrapping in English
  • Add some Haddock and tweak some identifier names in Patch.Depends
  • Fixup a couple of occurences of with_partial_intersection in Patch.Depends
  • Resolve issue1921: return Nothing in splitOnTag if the tag isn’t in the patchset
  • Tweak issue1921 test to check for graceful failure
  • Tweak a few identifiers and implementation of helpers for getTagsRight
  • Remove unused getPatchesInTag function from Patch.Depends
  • Rename and refactor simpleTag in Patch.Depends, to better express intent
  • A few more operator spacing tidy-ups in Patch.Depends
  • Accept issue1921: attempting to apply a patch bundle based on missing tag dies.
  • Tidy/style Patch.Depends
2012-05-11 Michael Hendricks
  • Fix utf8 test for rollback –no-record default
2012-04-29 Florent Becker
  • Tweak rollback help
  • Give feedback when no hunks are selected in rollback –no-record
  • Change rollback help to reflect –no-record as the default
  • Make rollback –no-record the default
2012-05-05 Yuriy Vostrikov
  • Fix “darcs diff” handling of directory argument.
2012-05-04 Michael Hendricks
  • Accept Bitcoin donations via CoinCard
2012-04-01 Florent Becker
  • Make findUncommon and findCommonWithThem into findCommonAndUncommon
  • More precise witnesses for with_partial_intersection
  • in with_partial_intersection, we only need to assert that the middle witness (wA) is correct
2012-03-30 Owen Stephens
  • Add failing test for issue2047.
2012-05-02 Simon Michael
  • home page: browsable darcs repo renamed to darcs-screened
  • home page: anchor fix
  • home page: drop “The” from the sidelinks
  • home page: donate link in the footer
  • home page: more linkage, wording tweaks
  • stylesheet indentation
  • shrink h1 font a tad
  • home page: fix confusing comment
  • home page: wording
  • home page: merge two example sections
  • home page: try more linkage in quick start intro
  • home page: polish
  • home page: wording
  • home page polish
  • home page clarifications, incorporate Florent Becker’s feedback
  • home page: wasteful but stylish whitespace, we’re scrolling anyway
  • Smart -> Simple in slogan
  • new home page layout and content
2012-03-15 Owen Stephens
  • Changes –xml would incorrectly report the originating patch of a given filename (in the case of renames)