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  1. The Shouthampton sprint will happen from March 30th until April 1st, it is still possible to participate by adding oneself to the wiki and following the directions:

  2. A one-day sprint happened in Córdoba, Argentina, on March 9th:

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue1812 Miguel Pagano
issue2116 Andreas Brandt
issue2132 Florent Becker

Patches applied in the last week (62)

2012-03-09 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • Make bash completion script work when darcs is not installed system-wide
2012-02-26 Florent Becker
  • resolve issue2132 ignore edit of ‘BEFORE’ part for hunk-edit in revert
  • More explicit help for revert patch-editing
2012-02-21 Owen Stephens
  • Clean up type-variables in signatures of Patch/Set.hs
  • Add comments/haddock to Patch/Set.hs
  • Tidy up, refactor and comment Commands/WhatsNew
2012-03-08 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • redundant exit line in Whatsnew
2012-03-11 Owen Stephens
  • Remove a couple of unused imports from Replace
  • Add help text for –look-for-adds output in WhatsNew
  • Remove a few unused imports from Commands/Help
  • Remove a couple of unused imports in WhatsNew command
  • Remove a bunch of compiler warnings for V3 prims.
  • Remove unecessary imports from ColorPrinter
  • Remove unecessary imports from External
  • Remove redundant constraint in Patch/Show type-sig.
2012-03-07 Andreas Brandt
  • Style Darcs.SelectChanges
2012-03-12 Owen Stephens
  • Clean up and style changese for CommandLine
2012-01-24 Will Langstroth
  • add some space, put escape type declaration next to function definition
  • Style Darcs.Utils
  • Minor formatting of Darcs.Commands.Dist
2012-01-24 Andreas Brandt
  • Resolve issue2116: darcs dist –index no longer fails
2012-03-13 Owen Stephens
  • Tidy up and style changes for DateMatcher
  • Tidy up and style chages for darcs.hs
2012-02-29 Andreas Brandt
  • Refactor: Extract function for handling extra arguments
2012-01-23 Owen Stephens
  • Fixup failing tests due to record exiting with error when nothing to record.
2012-02-19 Andreas Brandt
  • Fix FilePath import
  • Pull getDistName out of IO
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace/comment
  • Fix import of System.FilePath
  • Refactor: Use takeFileName instead of own function
  • Refactor: Use list comprehension instead of recursion
2012-03-07 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • remove some useless do’s
2012-01-31 Will Langstroth
  • Clean up Darcs.Ssh imports
2012-02-23 Michael Hendricks
  • Clarify pull –no-allow-conflicts description
  • Fix typo in amend-record –unrecord description
2012-02-14 Will Langstroth
  • More style and tidying of Darcs.Commands.Add
  • Style Darcs.Commands.Add
  • Style Darcs.Commands.AmendRecord
  • Format export in Ratified
  • Readability tweaks to Workaround
  • More readability tweaks for Data.Ssh
  • Haddock header and module clean-up for Darcs.Ssh
  • Readability tweaks for Darcs.Ssh
  • Readability tweaks for Darcs.Flags
  • Tidy up Darcs.Global
  • Some cleanup for Darcs.Patch.Format
  • Readability for Darcs.Patch.Merge
  • Readability tweaks to Progress
  • Readability tweaks on Darcs.Diff
2012-01-22 Owen Stephens
  • Make record respect quiet flag. If no changes to record, exit with failure.
  • Move some type signatures next to their corresponding function definitions in Named.
2012-01-26 Will Langstroth
  • Haddock headers
2012-01-22 Owen Stephens
  • Use Maybe to better express intent of potential error message when looking for file-specific changes
  • Fix some compile warnings for Annotate
2012-01-19 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • –hide-successes option for test suite
2012-03-09 Miguel Pagano
  • resolve issue1812: follow emacs convention for backup files
2012-03-05 Michael Hendricks
  • Haddock for functions related to parsing PatchInfo
  • Improve documentation for –external-merge
  • Clarify that diff uses an external utility
2012-03-09 Miguel Pagano
  • Replace safeHead with listToMaybe from Data.Maybe
2012-03-09 Mathías Etcheverry
  • Use all as suggested by hlint
2012-03-09 Miguel Pagano
  • Respecting curl flag for test