News and discussions

  1. Radoslav Dorcik provides a web service to visualize darcs repositories accessible via HTTP:

  2. Several users talked about how they use darcs revert/unrevert as an equivalent to git stash/pop:

Issues resolved in the last week (4)

issue1344 Gabriel Kerneis
issue2012 Gabriel Kerneis
issue2013 Gabriel Kerneis
issue2049 Ganesh Sittampalam

Patches applied in the last week (53)

2011-04-06 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • remove darcs resolve alias for mark-conflicts
  • remove mentions of darcs resolve in two tests
  • remove mention of darcs resolve in manual
  • update help string for mark-conflicts
2011-04-01 Iago Abal
  • Fix generation of Darcs2 patches to restore the rate of conflictors
  • Make use of bSized for generation of arbitrary trees and files
  • Adjust comment making reference to removed code
  • Test effect preserving property of join operation
  • Replace old RepoModel by Darcs.Test.Patch.RepoModel
  • Remove Darcs.Test.Patch.QuickCheck shrinker
  • Clean up of Darcs.Test.Patch.WithState
  • Several fixes for RepoModel and Prim generators
  • Apply patches to RepoModels via Darcs.Patch.Apply.applyToTree
  • Add “bounded sized” generator combinator
  • Generalize type of applyToTree
  • Add more tests about invert and for FL Prim into Unit2 testsuite
  • Remove duplicated/unused Arbitrary instance for FL Prim
  • Show instance for RepoModel
  • ArbitraryState refactoring
  • Remove duplication of With*State code
  • Fix With*State witnesses mess
2011-03-31 Owen Stephens
  • Unify hashed-storage version dependencies that caused a build fail.
2011-02-20 Iago Abal
  • Add invert-rollback and effect-preserving properties
  • Add testing properties for V1 Prim patches
  • Improved generators for V1 Prim patches
  • Add Darcs.Test.Patch.RepoModel
2011-03-07 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • bump parsec dependency
2011-02-16 Iago Abal
  • Clarify comment
  • Remove unused import
  • Add Darcs.Test.Util.QuickCheck containing some auxiliary QuickCheck generators and combinators
2011-04-01 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • fixup tests pulled from the 2.5 branch
2011-02-15 Iago Abal
  • “Fix” the increase in test execution time
  • Remove useless MonadError contraint in Readable/WriteableRepository TreeMonad instances
2010-12-03 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • correct character literals
  • test that we can’t add files inside case changed directories
  • resolve conflicts between
  • resolve issue2049: explicitly check for parent dir when recording an add
  • test for issue2049
2011-04-02 Eric Kow
  • Developers should fetch the screened repository.
2011-04-01 Dmitry Tsygankov
  • Changed return type of promptYorn to IO Bool
2011-01-20 Gabriel Kerneis
  • Fix conflict (because of $- removal)
  • resolve issue2013: handle –to flags in darcs send –context
2011-04-01 Dmitry Tsygankov
  • Change the type of identifyRepoFormat to match the common use case
2010-12-15 Gabriel Kerneis
  • Test issue2012: darcs send -o shall not print a “will be sent to” line
  • Test issue1344: fail early if sendmail is not available
  • Test issue2013: do not ignore –to in darcs send –context
  • resolve issue1344: abort early if can’t send
  • Export Darcs.Externals.haveSendmail
  • resolve issue 2012: do not display target address with -o/-O
  • Remove redundant import
2011-02-19 Radoslav Dorcik
  • Update test for XML Schema with MIT header.
  • Test darcs changes XML with XSD/xmllint.
  • Add inferred XML Schema for outputs.