News and discussions

  1. Darcs 2.5 beta 4 was released:

  2. Ganesh put online his branch of darcs containing the ``rebase’’ command for all to try. Simon Marlow gave feedback on this feature:

  3. Joachim Breiner uploaded ipatch on hackage:

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue1875 Eric Kow
issue1898 Eric Kow
issue1913 Ganesh Sittampalam

Patches applied in the last week (31)

2010-08-22 Jason Dagit
  • ReadMonads.hs: rename State to ParserState
2010-08-15 Eric Kow
  • Fix tests that were broken by issue1898 fix.
  • Fix tests that were broken by issue1875 fix.
  • Resolve issue1898: notify user when they can use set-default.
  • Fix the remote-repo flag if it’s not a URL.
  • Resolve issue1875: avoid accidentally setting default.
  • Generalise issue1875 test on not setting default.
  • Accept issue1875: darcs does not honor no-set-default on fetch.
  • Accept issue1898: set-default notification system.
2010-08-19 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • resolve issue1913: sort changes in treeDiff
  • generalise the type of treeDiff
  • make issue1913 test actually fail
2010-08-13 Jason Dagit
  • dramatically improve the parser performance
  • ReadMonad.hs: fix haddocks
  • handle whitespace lexing more intelligently in Read.hs
  • tidy up Info.hs
  • tidy up Real.hs and refactor space lexing
  • tidy up peekforc
  • remove unused import
  • tidy up readPatches
  • remove unneeded export
  • optimize char parser
  • tidy up linesStartingWith
  • tidy up skipNewline
  • tidy up anyChar parser
  • remove unused word8 parser
  • tidy up readPatchInfo
  • improve interface of peekforw and bracketedFL
2010-08-20 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • accept issue1928: removing a file then adding a directory with the same name breaks
2010-08-15 Eric Kow
  • Restore obliterate output options.
  • Resolve conflict between ‘Also set binary mode’ duplicates.