News and discussions

  1. Darcs 2.4.4 was released this week:

  2. Eric talked about the ongoing work in fixing the bug about non-ASCII filenames:

  3. Adolfo wrote his first Google Summer of Code blog report:

Issues resolved in the last week (2)

issue1763 Petr Rockai
issue1784 Guillaume Hoffmann

Patches applied in the last week (14)

2010-05-18 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • resolve issue1784: push and pull print remote address right away
2010-05-05 Eric Kow
  • Accept issue1825: darcs remove with no args leads to buggy pending.
2010-05-27 Petr Rockai
  • Resolve issue1763: use correct filename encoding in conflictors.
2010-05-15 Eric Kow
  • Bump version to 2.4.4.
  • News entries for Darcs 2.4.4.
2010-05-11 Petr Rockai
  • Remove more not + redirections usage in testsuite (breaks win32).
  • Do not redirect output to a file when using “not” to avoid trouble on win32.
2010-05-09 Eric Kow
  • Bump version to 2.4.3.
  • News entry for Darcs 2.4.3.
  • Clarify 2.4.2 news entry.
  • Update homepage for 2.4.4 release.
  • Remove announce.html.
  • News entries for darcs 2.4.2.
  • Bump version to 2.4.2.