News and discussions

  1. The fourth Darcs hacking sprint has just ended! A dozen of Darcs developers were present at Zurich for three days. Before a full-length report is posted, you can consult the wiki for a rough outline of the work done:

  2. GHC version support was discussed in depth, and it was decided that Darcs would only be guaranteed to compile with the last two stable branches of GHC:

Issues resolved in the last week (5)

issue643 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue1456 Guillaume Hoffmann
issue1750 Eric Kow
issue1767 Ganesh Sittampalam

Patches applied in the last week (25)

2010-03-20 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • add –keep-date option to amend-record
2010-03-21 Reinier Lamers
  • Resolve conflict between tar dependency and hashed-storage bump
2010-03-21 Salvatore Insalaco
  • Bump hashed-storage dependency to 0.4.8
2010-03-20 Luca Molteni
  • Accept issue1765: recursive remove on root
2010-03-20 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • Resolve issue643 darcs send -o outputs remote repo email address
  • useless string concatenation
2010-03-20 Florent Becker
  • Add –match option to apply
2010-03-20 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • use library function ‘not’ for checking failure
  • Resolve issue1473: annotate command accepts “.” and treats “” as invalid input
2010-03-20 Petr Rockai
  • Only use stderr in install-deps, avoiding stderr/stdout interleaving issues.
  • Pass the install-deps options down to second cabal install call as well.
  • We also need tar to build witnesses.
2010-03-20 Guillaume Hoffmann
  • make dist.sh test check the archive created by dist
  • resolve issue1456 by using Tar and GZip haskell modules for dist
2010-03-19 Stefan Wehr
  • Removed -cpp flag as suggested by HLint
2010-03-18 Eric Kow
  • New bugtracker reporting page.
2010-03-18 Jason Dagit
  • replace if-statement with guard in elegant_merge
2010-02-21 Eric Kow
  • Resolve issue1750: uncover help text for darcs show pristine.
  • Correct online help text for aliases of subcommands.
2010-01-20 Petr Rockai
  • Augment the .boring file to cover the generated manual bits.
2010-03-15 Reinier Lamers
  • Update tests/README.test_maintainers.txt to cabalized build system
  • Include tests/README.test_maintainers.txt in distribution tarballs
2010-03-15 Eric Kow
  • Fix update_roundup.pl for the case where only one patch is applied.
2010-03-14 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • resolve issue1767: send CRC warnings to stderr
2010-03-14 Eric Kow
  • Fix my posthook test (sorry!).