News and discussions

  1. Darcs 2.4 rc2 was released, try it now:

  2. Benchmarks are starting to come to the wiki:

  3. Finally, the fundraising drive was a success, a big thank-you to all donators!

Issues resolved in the last week (1)

issue1741 Eric Kow

Patches applied in the last week (6)

2010-02-20 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • accept issue1749 - darcs remove <dir> can make broken patches
2010-02-17 Eric Kow
  • Resolve issue1741: fix –list-options when option has multiple names.
  • Add a special thank-you to some of our bigger donors.
  • Retire list of buildbot friends on thank-you page.
  • CSS support for testimonials.
  • News: darcs 2010 fundraising complete - we did it!