Like many free and open source projects, darcs is running on spare time and pure enthusiasm. We need your help! Here are the roles which we are currently filling and that we would like to fill.

Core team

We hope to grow the core team over time. Members of the team will be asked to review patches on a regular basis and to push them into mainline Darcs as they see fit.

Interested in joining? It’s the best way to get to know the Darcs code. Subscribe to darcs-users and start reviewing some patches today. We’ll be sure to notice! After some point, we’ll invite you on board, after having started a discussion and building up a consensus among current team members.


We hope to see these core team members again!



Previously: Eric Kow (2008-2015) and David Roundy (2002-2008).

Release manager

  • Jobs

    • Perform releases (used to be according to a fixed schedule of every 6 months)
    • Release announcements
    • Write ChangeLog entries
  • See ReleaseManagement for help

  • filled by: Guillaume

Issue manager

  • Jobs

    • Ensure bug-tracker is triaged: http://bugs.darcs.net
    • Review bug-tracker on regular basis
    • Co-ordinate with release manager
  • filled by: nobody, help wanted!

Patch manager

  • Jobs

    • Ensure that patches are reviewed in a timely manner
    • Chase up on people as amendments are requested.
  • filled by: nobody, help wanted!

Documentation manager

  • Jobs

    • website updates, odd jobs - Simon Michael
    • FAQ maintenance - nobody, help wanted!
    • wiki gardening - ”
    • tutorials and docs - ”

Communications team

Marketing team

Making sure people understand what darcs does that other distributed RCSes do not

Events manager

The events manager makes sure that we can have regular hacking sprints, twice a year. Part of this job includes fundraising.

  • Jobs

    • find venues for Sprints
    • prepare sprints, organise beginner tasks, get people up to speed
    • co-ordinate with Haskell Hackathon and other hacking projects
    • obtain sponsorship or funding if needed
  • filled by: nobody, help wanted!

Platform czars and liaisons

Packagers produce official darcs.net binaries in conjunction with the source tarball releases:

  • Windows packager - nobody, help wanted!
  • MacOS X packager - Tamas Herman

Platform czars are our go-to people for issues specific to a popular platform. They also steer Darcs development so that our support for these platforms is as strong as possible.

  • Windows czar - help wanted!
  • Mac czar - help wanted!

Platform liaisons help us to translate from one community culture to another.


  • Sysadmin - EricKow (help wanted!)
  • Mail moderators - EricKow (help wanted!)
  • Roundup man - EricKow (help wanted!)
  • Buildbot wrangler - nobody, help wanted!

Oversight Committee

Slightly edited (bullet points) from the Software Freedom Conservancy agreement:

The Oversight Committee, initially composed of

  • Tommy Pettersson,
  • Ian Lynagh,
  • Ganesh Sittampalam,
  • Mark Stosberg and
  • Zooko Wilcox O’Hearn,

shall represent the Project in its official communication with the Conservancy. Members of the Oversight Committee may be added or removed from the Committee at any time by a majority vote of all of the members of the Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee will elect a single individual to communicate with the Conservancy (the “Representative”) and shall notify the Conservancy promptly following the election of a new Representative. The Representative will have the authority to instruct the Conservancy on the Project’s behalf on all matters. This section may be modified by a vote of at least 3/4 of all of the members of the Oversight Committee, with the consent of the Conservancy, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

Commentary: Technically speaking, the Oversight Committee and Representative language only really concerns our relationship with the SFC; but in practice, we also use this as part of our project governance. So how does this work in practice? The Oversight Committee are not necessarily involved in day-to-day governance of the Darcs project (though its members may be). They delegate this job to a Benevolent-Dictator-esque figure (currently Guillaume Hoffmann). Their role is basically to act as a safety mechanism, allowing for an orderly change in leadership should the need arise.