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\status{active development}

Darcs is a distributed revision control system written in Haskell. In
Darcs, every copy of your source code is a full repository, which allows for
full operation in a disconnected environment, and also allows anyone with
read access to a Darcs repository to easily create their own branch and
modify it with the full power of Darcs' revision control. Darcs is based on
an underlying theory of patches, which allows for safe reordering and
merging of patches even in complex scenarios. For all its power, Darcs
remains a very easy to use tool for every day use because it follows the
principle of keeping simple things simple.

One year, two sprints and 440 patches after the 2.10 release,
we have released Darcs 2.12 (April 2016).
This new major release includes the new \verb!darcs show dependencies!
command (for exporting the patch dependencies graph of a repository to
the Graphviz format), improvements for Git import, and improvements to
\verb!darcs whatsnew! to facilitate support of Darcs by third-party
version control front ends.

\paragraph{SFC and donations}

Darcs is free software licensed under the GNU GPL (version 2 or
greater).  Darcs is a proud
member of the Software Freedom Conservancy, a US tax-exempt 501(c)(3)
organization.  We accept donations at

\item \url{http://darcs.net}
\item \url{http://darcs.net/Releases/2.12}