One minute SSH checklist

Having trouble using darcs with SSH on Windows?

  1. Make sure darcs knows where to find ssh. Darcs 2.8 and below search for ‘ssh’, ‘scp’, and ‘sftp’ by default. Newer darcs may be smarter, but for now, you’ll have to copy plink to ssh, pscp to scp and pscp to scp and update your PATH.

  2. Set up an SSH key with pageant

  3. Log in manually once and trust the server key.

  4. Always use `` instead of ``

Steps 2-4 are due to a usability bug in Darcs. The problem is that Putty SSH communicates with users by reading on stdin and writing to stderr, as opposed to the terminal. The code which interacts with darcs transfer-mode does not cope with this situation very well at the moment. It neither passes the output through nor feeds any user input into putty, thus leading to an apparent hang. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working on it!

Other resources

  • strace for Windows:
  • BuildingUnderWindows - supplementary documentation
  • WindowsConfiguration - setting up your darcs to work nicely under windows
  • WindowsConsoles - what console/shell environments darcs works best with This introduction to saltwater [ bow front aquarium] was designed with the beginner aquarist in mind. There are many reasons for setting up a saltwater aquarium, not least of which is its beauty. The beautiful colors of fish and coral, interesting algae, soothing sound of bubbling water and the fun involved in creating a fabulous marine world are all reasons why keeping saltwater aquariums gives people so much fun and pleasure.