The 2.14 branch is available as a darcs repository from

What’s new in 2.14.0 (released 2017-12-??)

New features

  • per-file conflict marking (Ben Franksen)
  • make it possible to use DARCS_SCP=rsync (Ben)

User Interface

  • fixed encoding business, no longer require libiconv (Ben)
  • make DARCS_DONT_ESCAPE_8BIT=1 the default (Ben)
  • Various messages improvements (Ben)
  • improve bash/zsh completion (Ben Franksen, Gian Piero Carrubba)
  • add patch index status to show repo command (Ben)
  • No longer print an error message when ctrlc’ing pager (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • include help for all files in _darcs/prefs/ (Guillaume)
  • separating display and storage of patches, enabling compact display of explicit dependencies (Ben)


  • plug memory leak and improve efficiency in annotate (Ben)
  • optimize token replace code and –look-for-replaces (Ben)
  • saves unneeded FL/RL reverses in SelectChanges module (Ben)
  • Support GHC 8.2 (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • refactor and sort Darcs.Repository modules/API (Ben, Guillaume)
  • no longer track build dependencies in Setup.hs, nor use alpha, beta, rc names (Guillaume)
  • refactor handling of –reorder-patches (Ben)
  • refactor convert darcs-2 (Ben)
  • refactor SelectChanges (Ben)
  • remove Darcs.Util.OldDate (Ben)
  • fix build with cabal new-build (Francesco Ariis)

Issues resolved in Darcs 2.14

  • fix mail encoding with ’.’ or ‘=’ as last character (Timo von Holtz)
  • issue2526: whatsnew -l –boring should list boring files (Ben)
  • issue2208: replace detects existing force hunks in working (Ben)
  • issue2512: author name is written to repository after multiple-choice prompt (Stephan-A. Posselt)
  • issue2359 convert –export mishandles Unicode filenames (Ben)