The 2.12 branch is available as a darcs repository from

What’s new in 2.12.5 (released 2017-01-11)

  • Bump some dependency upper bounds (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2516: failure cloning from URLs on Windows (Ben Franksen)

What’s new in 2.12.4 (released 2016-09-14)

  • really fix compilation under Windows

What’s new in 2.12.3 (released 2016-09-10)

  • fix compilation under Windows

What’s new in 2.12.2 (released 2016-09-07)

  • fix missing testsuite file in tarball

What’s new in 2.12.1 (released 2016-09-05)

  • fixes for building with GHC 8
  • drop support for GHC 7.6 and 7.8, i.e., require GHC 7.10
  • improvements in darcs whatsnew output with irrelevant files (Ben Franksen)

What’s new in 2.12.0 (released 2016-04-29)

New features

  • darcs show dependencies: export patch dependency graph as dot file (Ale Gadea)

User Interface

  • improvements in darcs record output with irrelevant files (Ben Franksen)
  • darcs log -v --machine-readable: show internal representation of patches (including explicit dependencies). Remove patch viewing via the “darcs annotate” command. (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • whatsnew -s (and status) show conflicting files (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • honor “quiet” flag in command outputs (Ben Franksen)
  • a single show patch-index command (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • remove deprecated aliases of show (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • remove hack to enable arbitrary protocols via env variables (Guillaume Hoffmann)


  • handle file moves natively when importing from git (Owen Stephens)
  • require GHC 7.6 (base > 4.6) and support GHC 8 (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • switch to sandi from dataenc (Daniil Frumin)
  • refactoring to prepare stash (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • change argument order of type witness RL (Ben Franksen)
  • Darcs.Repository / repository cloning refactoring (Ben Franksen)
  • use of async when cloning with packs (Ben Franksen)
  • SSH code refactoring (Ben Franksen)
  • Patch and RealPatch renamed to RepoPatchV1 and RepoPatchV2 (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • merged hashed-storage into libdarcs and hashed-storage tests into darcs-test (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • reorganize Darcs.Repository.* modules (Guillaume Hoffmann)

Issues resolved in Darcs 2.12

  • issue1807: clarify help of PAGER, DARCS_PAGER (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2258: improve patch index error message with suggestion (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2269: push hijack test to suspend time (Eric Kow)
  • issue2276: Keep track of patch hijack decisions (Eric Kow)
  • issue2138: report conflicting files in whatsnew -s (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2393: remove whatsnew functionality from annotate (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2400: use async package to keep track of unpack threads (Ben Franksen)
  • issue2459: fall back to writing the file if createLink fails (Ben Franksen)
  • issue2479: root dir most not be among the sources of a move (Ben Franksen)
  • issue2481: expose API for ‘darcs diff’ command (Ganesh Sittampalam)
  • issue2486: obliterate –not-in-remote -q should be more quiet (Ben Franksen)
  • issue2489: dequote filepaths while importing from git (Guillaume Hoffmann)
  • issue2494: output of darcs record with file arguments (Ben Franksen)