Darcs-monitor will send email to a specified recipient about new changes added to a specific darcs repository. It can be run as an apply posthook (resulting in near-instantaneous “push” emails), or periodically from Cron, or occasionally by hand, whatever seems most convenient.


The primary distribution site since 0.3.4 (May 2008) is Hackage. You can also get it by darcs at . It depends on mtl and HaXml and is written in Haskell, naturally. It has been tested only with GHC 6.8 so far. For installation and usage instructions, refer to the README at any of the locations above.

Please note that this software is very new and thus can be buggy. As with any email-sending software, bugs can result in major annoyance; user caution is warranted.

Release history

0.4.1 (2011-04-13)

  • Use HaXml 1.20.
  • Enable use with darcs –interactive.

0.4.0 (2010-09-08)

  • make it possible to use more than one email address as recipient.
  • update maintainer address
  • update darcs repository address

0.3.8 (2010-03-07)

  • Correct crash with GHC 6.12.1 because of malformed UTF-8 character in the darcs output.

0.3.7 (2010-02-27)

  • New maintainer: Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva <>.
  • Include –max-diff option.
  • README: Update the Homepage link and the darcs repository.
  • darcs-monitor.1: Don’t generate manpage and correct syntax for “…”.
  • Make the code Warning-free and hlint-free.
  • darcs-monitor.cabal:
  • Include more fields.
  • Include upper bound to base dependency.
  • Include ChangeLog in Extra-Source-Files.
  • ChangeLog: Include the log for 0.3.[3-6] in ChangeLog.

0.3.6 (2008-05-10)

  • use Cabal’s mechanism for telling the program what version it is
  • consequently the Setup.hs customization has been removed

0.3.5 (2008-05-10)

  • change the Cabal description to reflect the fact that this package fails to build with development versions of HaXml

0.3.4 (2008-05-04)

  • add a Description to the Cabal file

0.3.3 (2008-05-04)

  • fixes to enable building with GHC 6.8
  • now requires Cabal 1.2

0.3.2 (2007-08-31)

  • another documentation update

0.3.1 (2007-05-31)

  • documentation update

0.3 (2007-05-31)

  • there is now support for the %CHANGES% and %SHORTREPO% substitutions in the template
  • a default template is now provided
  • ? and " entity references in darcs changes –xml is now supported
  • patches with just the author email address (no real name) are now handled correctly
  • when multiple emails are sent, they are now sent in chronological order
  • emails are announced to the user

0.2 (2007-02-12)

  • new option –dry-run

0.1 (2007-02-11)

  • Initial release.


The program was primarily written by AnttiJuhaniKaijanaho. BenjaFallenstein and BenjaminFranksen have also contributed code.