As at June 2009, Trent W. Buck (twb) is an active member of the Darcs Team. His contributions are to infrastructure rather than the core code. They include:

  • Extensive improvements to Darcs’ documentation.
  • Maintenance of the Debian’s Darcs package;
  • Refactoring the (now deprecated) autoconf build infrastructure;
  • A command-line interface to our BTS, called ru;
  • View-as-mailbox support for BTS tickets (see issue1148); and
  • Migration of wiki history from moinmoin to gitit.

Planned contributions include:

  • Unified documentation, using the Pandoc library to generate LaTeX, manpage and online (“darcs help”) documentation from a single source;

  • Catch common typos in patch descriptions (issue1094);
  • Improved functional test infrastructure (issue1283); and
  • Improved coverage of license (and copyright) declarations.