I’m the original author of Supybot, a Python IRC bot. I’m moving our source code to Darcs, but there are a few things I’m not happy about.

I want CVS keywords (or some similar functionality) in Darcs. I want to be able, from within my running program, to find out what “version” of a file is running. I want my hack to put my __revision__ string in uncaught exceptions to continue to work, so I can see easily from the exception whether a user needs to upgrade or not. Not all IRC bot users are the brightest stars in their section of the sky; I need to be able to *know* what version they’re running, and not have to trust them when they tell me what they *think* they’re running.

‘’Don’t you have a python version number that you put into each release? You may be interested in searching the list archives on this topic, as some other solutions have been suggested on how to achieve something like CVS keywords. –MarkStosberg’’

‘’Why don’t you use a predist script to insert whatever it is you want to insert into the sources?’’