Old-fashioned repository upgrade instructions

There exist three Darcs repository formats: old-fashioned (OF), hashed and darcs-2. Versions 2.5.x of Darcs are the last one that ensure full support of OF repositories. From version 2.8 (2012) , this support is limited and users are invited to upgrade their OF repositories to hashed.

The commands that can still be run on local OF repositories are:

  • changes
  • show
  • optimize –upgrade
  • whatsnew

The commands that can be run against remote OF repositories are:

  • clone
  • pull
  • send

Moreover, it is possible to do a remote push to an OF repo, that is, pushing via ssh if the remote machine’s Darcs binary is able to write into OF repositories.

Checkpoints are no longer supported in Darcs 2.8 and later. That is, the --partial flag for cloning repositories is no longer available.

How to know the format of a repository

Run the following command in a repository:

darcs show repo

If you find the line:

Pristine: PlainPristine

then you have an OF repository. If not, it should instead read:

Pristine: HashedPristine

Ensuring everyone is using Darcs 2

Darcs 2 is required to work with hashed repositories. Hence, the hashed format is always safe on a “client” machine, but if you have other people pulling from your repo, or sending to it, then you have to make sure they have Darcs 2 before going hashed.

See Binaries for instructions on building Darcs and pre-built binaries.

Converting a repository to the hashed format

With Darcs 2.4 and later, you can upgrade an existing repository in-place with a single command:

darcs optimize --upgrade

With Darcs older than 2.4, you can use the following steps:

darcs get ./myrepo ./hashedrepo                        # make a hashed clone
cp ./myrepo/_darcs/prefs/*  ./hashedrepo/_darcs/prefs/ # copy local settings
mv ./myrepo ./oldrepo
mv ./hashedrepo ./myrepo

Then ./oldrepo is your OF backup and ./myrepo is the hashed version.

Looking for help

For any question related to upgrading to the hashed format: