Everyone can help darcs be great, and this page is here to tell you how you can help.

Non-Haskell folks

You can run darcs on your projects, and let us know how it goes. In particular, we’d like to know how it works on your repositories. You probably use quite a different set of darcs’ features than we do. Let us know about:

  1. Bugs (mail us at
  2. Garden this wiki
  3. Garden the wikipedia page of Darcs and/or translate it in your language if it does not exist.
  4. Triage the BugTracker! If there are no new bugs to triage, look for stale bug reports or check up on people we need follow-ups from, etc.
  5. Commands that run unusually slowly
  6. Run timings (see Benchmarks).
  7. Feature requests. When you’re using darcs is there something that seems like it would make your life easier?
  8. Your impression: which new features do you like, what do you find confusing?
  9. Documentation: Read the documentation, and let us know what’s unclear. Even better, write improved documentation.
  10. You can also consider donating.

If you know how to program in…

… C

  1. Implement or update Darcs support for GeanyVC or QCT

… Python

  1. Implement or update Darcs support for Meld or RabbitVCS

… Haskell

  1. Check the bug tracker.
  2. - easy bugs to solve
  3. Come at Sprints and hack on the code!
  4. Apply for a Summer of Code student project
  5. Work on wome project idea for fun and/or for your studies
  6. Help us use external libraries instead of our own implementations (see DarcsLibraries)