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Week starting…

  • 23 May
  • 30 May

  • 6 Jun
  • 13 Jun (more or less exams this week)
  • 20 Jun

    it’s been testsuite work up till here, in a somewhat disappointing tempo and not very motivated either

    I’ll aim at writing usable Arbitrary instances today, so I can move on with actual implementation next week

  • 27 Jun

    I have one last exam in this week, although that shouldn’t be a real problem; I’ll implement *Hunk, Manifest and Move patches with commute and apply.

  • 4 Jul

    Implement PatchMonad and move the V3 implementation inside, probably using a wrapper (runPatchMonad or such) to implement the “normal” Prim interface.

    This should more or less cover the basic objectives set out in the proposal, without any of the optional stuff. The optionals can come in after midterms.

  • 11 Jul (midterms this week)
  • 18 Jul
  • 25 Jul

  • 1 Aug
  • 8 Aug
  • 15 Aug

(Firm pencils down: 22 Aug)