Petr’s plan ( replacing for )

Btw., we may need a way to mark sources as “problematic”. I mean things like unresolvable hostnames or unreachable addresses, or even nonexistent directories: these should all be sorted last in their respective groups. So we would have:

local caches

local repositories

local bad caches & repositories

remote unauth repositories

remote bad unauth repositories

remote auth repositories

remote auth bad repositories

Probably triggering a WARNING whenever we reach a “bad” cache or repository (which is still actually bad – if it works again, it needs to be restored). This is probably not completely trivial to achieve and has some interesting strings attached to it (like backward compatibility of the sources file…).


For local entries removing shouldn’t make any harm, so local sources which no longer exist could be just dropped from the cache.

  • remote: ignore the entry for this darcs (we want to keep the entry in case it’s just transient error)

I think this is a more tricky thing, especially because I can’t just ignore an entry because it fails, we need to consider also my current connection settings, that the server could be done, etc. A possible way to handle this could be creating a kind of “black list” which could allow us to know which repos are not reachable at the moment . The next time the cache gets loaded, it include the source in the “black list” but trying first the ones that worked, then if for some reason it has to fetch something from one of the “black list” and they are still not reachable they could be eliminated, or prompting to the user something like: “The repository X seems to have expired, darcs is considering to delete it, should I ?” Yes/No answer.

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