Recommendations from Sprint 2010-03

Here is our list of recommendations. Any comments?


  • –no-set-scripts-executable

    • Detecting scripts is problematic [consider Windows].
    • Setting permissions may have some kind of undesirable interaction with ACLs [not sure if I understood discussion]

New defaults for Darcs 2.8

this was left as an open question in 2010-03; we finally got around to it in 2012

  • check –no-test

    • add a darcs test command
    • darcs trackdown to renamed to darcs test –linear

New defaults for Darcs 2.5

  • pull/push/send –no-set-default

    • … but add an online reminder whenever you interact with a non-default repo about how to set the default
  • send –edit-description

  • record –no-test


The problem with the below is that it may interfere with scripts or people using redirection on their shells. Our next step is to do research on whether we can do reliable terminal detection on Windows (already easy on *nix) and then re-open the discussion.

  • apply –interactive
  • check –interactive