The current buildmaster runs at

Setting up a buildslave

First install buildbot on your system – see (your distribution may have packages, too).

You should have cabal-install: either from your distribution, or bootstrap from – get the cabal-install-0.x.y.tar.gz on UNIX (if you are on Windows, get the haskell platform instead). Make sure that the buildbot user account has access to the cabal binary.

Now the following steps should be done on behalf of the buildbot user/account:

  • Run cabal update.
  • Run cabal install darcs. This needs curl and (on UNIX) zlib development files… but you can use -f-curl to avoid curl).
  • Run buildbot create-slave /path/to/working/area bot_name bot_password.

Additionally, you need a working darcs on your (buildbot’s) PATH. You can use the one you built by cabal above the binary is in $HOME/.cabal/bin/ on UNIX (we don’t know about Windows).

Finally, e-mail the buildbot maintainer with your buildslave name and password (currently Petr Rockai, me-at-mornfall-dot-net) and possibly extra flags that you need to have passed to Setup configure (-w /path/to/ghc, -f-curl and such). If you have multiple GHC versions available, we would be happy to set up a builder for each GHC.


Sometimes, darcs will require new versions of hackage libraries. There are basically two options:

  • You can let the buildbot sort this out automatically: you need “cabal” binary on your (buildbot’s) path – this should be sorted if you followed the above instructions – and you don’t mind darcs builds installing hackage packages. Note you want this when you are sending the password.
  • You want to sort this manually: there’s a script, contrib/ in the darcs source, which you can use: you need a current checkout of darcs (you can use the one in buildbot’s scratch area).