News and discussions

  1. darcs 2.4.1 was released, fixing a couple of bugs of version 2.4.0. However, a serious bug under Windows was discovered, so Windows users should still stick to the 2.3.1 version, while 2.4.2 is not out:

  2. Three students wrote their applications for this year’s Summer of Code. Projects members discussed the priorities of darcs: network speed, local speed or UI ?

Issues resolved in the last week (3)

issue1159 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue1645 Eric Kow
issue1756 Reinier Lamers

Patches applied in the last week (29)

2010-04-23 Eric Kow
  • Resolve conflicts with dependency bump patches in 2.4.1.
  • Resolve issue1645: bump hashed-storage to 0.4.11; don’t follow symlinks.
2010-03-25 Reinier Lamers
  • resolve issue1756: bump hashed-storage dependency to 0.4.10
  • Fix issue1645 case fold test
2010-04-11 Eric Kow
  • Split case-folding tests for issue1645 out so we can skip them as needed.
2010-04-11 Reinier Lamers
  • Mark issue1645 test as succeeding
  • Bump version number to 2.4.1
  • Update NEWS for 2.4 and 2.4.1
2010-04-21 Eric Kow
  • Camel case Preproc.
  • Camel case Darcs.Email.
  • Camel case Darcs.Global.
  • Camel case Darcs.RemoteApply.
  • Camel case Darcs.Lock.
2010-04-22 Florent Becker
  • make witnesses compile in Repository.hs
2010-04-18 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Darcs.Repository: use pipelining when copying patches.
  • URL: add maxPipelineLength function, rename maxPipeLength to maxPipelineLengthRef.
  • Resolve issue1159: smart caches union.
2010-04-13 Matthias Kilian
  • Create manual directory if it doesn’t exist
2010-04-13 Eric Kow
  • Camel case IsoDate.
  • Camel case Printer and Darcs.ColorPrinter.
  • Camel case Exec, Darcs.Utils and Darcs.External.
2010-04-12 Reinier Lamers
  • Also update release date on homepage
  • Update website for 2.4.1 release
2010-04-06 Dmitry Astapov
  • Implemented all test cases from the discussion of bug 1645
2010-04-08 Eric Kow
  • Fix darcs bug tip (missing space).
  • Disable DARCS_PATCHES_XML posthook test on Windows.
2010-04-05 Reinier Lamers
  • Make issue1739 test skip instead of fail on non-UTF-8 locales
2010-04-05 Eric Kow
  • Accept issue1363: mark-conflicts inconsistency with duplicate patches.
  • Accept issue1737: confusing darcs move error message.