News and discussions

  1. Reasons to delay upgrading. Nathan Gray gives feedback as to why his team cannot yet switch to darcs2. Let’s fix Nathan’s bugs!
  2. darcs roadmap proposal. Eric has given us a roadmap for next six months of development. Get hacking!
  3. FYI: user-manual status. Trent W. Buck is making steady progress with revamping the user manual.
  4. New extension syntax -WError? How do you want to solve this? Managing compiler warnings is now a social requirement instead of a technical one.
  5. Buildbot uploads. Don’t let the typos scare you away! Jules Colding, Zooko and others have the buildbots setup to upload the binaries as they build them!
  6. transitioning to cabal. Darcs now builds with cabal.
  7. announcing darcs 2.1.1rc2. Try out our newest release candidate today.
  8. growing the darcs team again! Welcome Alexander Suresh Kerr Sittampalam to the world and congratulate Ganesh Sittampalam.
  9. new Windows Czar and Review Team. Salavtore has taken the title of Windows Czar and we have an official review team now. Join today!
  10. Software Freedom Conservancy agreement. The Darcs project may be joining the Software Freedom Conservancy.
  11. [ANNOUNCE] darcs-fast-export. Miklos Vajna has put together a fast export from darcs to git.


Thanks to our patch reviewers this week!

We had a lot of reviewers this week, I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

  • Don Stewart
  • Duncan Coutts
  • Jason Dagit
  • Trent Buck
  • Petr Rockai
  • Ganesh Sittampalam
  • Lele Gaifax
  • Christian Kellermann

Issues resolved in the last week (5)

issue525 David Roundy
issue844 David Roundy
issue864 Tommy Pettersson
issue1189 David Roundy
issue1223 Eric Kow

Patches applied in the last week (282)

2008-11-16 Eric Kow
  • Work around difference between Windows and Cygwin sort program in test
2008-11-16 Eric Kow
  • Add DARCS_TESTING_HOME to shell harness
2008-11-16 Eric Kow
  • Move timestamps test to bugs directory
  • Conditionally compile out reset_umask on Windows
2008-11-15 Jason Dagit
  • import Arguments just once in WhatsNew
  • remove –restrct-paths from the manual
  • remove unused export restrict_paths in Arguments
  • clean up unused exports in Arguments.lhs
  • tighten up imports in preproc.hs
  • tighten imports in Commands.lhs
  • tighten up imports in Tag.lhs
  • tighten up imports in Replace.lhs
  • tighten up imports in Commands.Dist
  • remove unused export for isa from Arguments
2008-11-16 Trent W. Buck
  • Appease Windows by replacing find(1) with globbing.
2008-11-15 Eric Kow
  • issue525 fixed by David’s patch
  • Fix Darcs.Patch.Prim haddock
2008-11-15 David Roundy
  • resolve issue525: canonize output of sort_coalesceFL in AmendRecord.
2008-11-14 Eric Kow
  • Make test-network a .PHONY target
  • Create the .darcs directory in the test-network dir
  • Remove obsolete test-franchise .PHONY entry from makefile
  • Use Control.OldException if compiling shell harness with GHC 6.10
2008-11-12 Christian Kellermann
  • use ShellHarness in Setup.lhs
  • Use the shell harness in Makefile
  • make ShellHarness a module
  • move shell_harness to Distribution/ShellHarness.hs
  • remove bash shell_harness
2008-11-13 zooko@zooko.com
  • on “make darcs-snapshot” make a copy of the executable in a directory named “snapshots” and named with its version number including patch count
2008-11-13 Karel Gardas
  • replace `test -e’ in makefile with either `test -d’ or `test -f’
2008-11-12 Eric Kow
  • Update darcs.cabal to reflect removal of homegrown filepath modules
  • Generalise use of –optghc to all GHCFLAGS for haddock
2008-11-12 Eric Kow
  • Remove deprecated (and now unused) homegrown filepath modules
  • Replace homegrown code with filepath functions in Darcs.Commands.Dist
  • Remove homegrown code with filepath equivalents in Darcs.Commands.Mv
  • Replace homegrown code with filepath equivalents in Darcs.Commands.Add
  • Specifically import System.FilePath.Posix in darcs commands
  • Replace FilePathUtils.(///) with filepath equivalent in Darcs.Diff
  • Copy UglyFileName.patch_filename into Darcs.Commands.Send
  • Replace UglyFileName with filepath equivalents in Darcs.CommandsAux
  • Replace our breakup with filepath’s splitDirectories in Darcs.Lock
2008-11-13 Christian Kellermann
  • make finds more portable
2008-11-12 Eric Kow
  • Replace liftM with fmap in Darcs.Repository.Prefs
  • Tidy up type signatures in Darcs.Repository.Prefs
  • Tidy up global_cache_dir
  • Resolve conflict between my UserProfile override and DARCS_TESTING_HOME
2008-11-11 Petr Rockai
  • Enable .darcs location override through DARCS_TESTING_HOME that also works on Windows.
2008-11-12 Eric Kow
  • Override UserProfile environment variable in (Perl) shell_harness
2008-10-28 Eric Kow
  • Replace UglyFileName with filepath equivalents in Darcs.RepoPath
  • Replace FilePathUtils.(///) with filepath equivalent in preproc
  • Specify that we want System.FilePath.Posix in Darcs.External
  • Replace UglyFileName normalisation in Darcs.External
  • Replace basename with filepath’s takeDirectory in Darcs.External.
  • Replace (++ “/” ++) with filepath’s (</>) in Darcs.External.cloneTree
  • Replace absolute_dir with ioAbsoluteOrRemote in Darcs.Repository
  • Switch from absolute_dir to ioAbsoluteOrRemote in commands
  • Add an AbsoluteOrRemotePath type
2008-11-12 Duncan Coutts
  • Trivial style improvement
  • Fix compile failure in gzReadFilePS without HAVE_OLD_BYTESTRING
2008-11-11 Petr Rockai
  • Isolate overriding-defaults.sh failures to that test.
2008-11-12 Christian Kellermann
  • Fix shell_harness so it uses –ignore-times
2008-11-11 Petr Rockai
  • Silence haskell_policy complaining about Setup.lhs.
  • Allow “cabal test tests network bugs” as suggested by Trent.
  • Include the testsuite in Cabal sdist.
  • Fixes to the release/distributed-* file generation in Cabal sDistHook.
  • Bundle the version/context data (produced by Setup.lhs sdist) in the tarball.
  • Update Cabal file lists to match reality.
  • Bundle version and context data in Cabal source distribution.
  • Implement runTests hook for Cabal.
2008-11-11 Trent W. Buck
  • Darcs works with regex-compat 0.91.
  • Refactor DARCS_FILES to work around Solaris’ buggy find(1).
  • Remove silly sort.
2008-11-11 Eric Kow
  • Fix filepath test
  • Fix get test (it was assuming a clean directory)
  • Resolve issue1223: Fix broken init.sh test
  • Fix regression in configure test for zlib.
  • TAG stable 2008-11-10
  • Use conditional compilation for Salvatore’s strict readFile fix
2008-11-08 Salvatore Insalaco
  • Fix gzReadFilePS to close file descriptor even on old bytestrings.
2008-11-11 Eric Kow
  • Add configure check for bytestring 0.9.1
2008-11-11 Eric Kow
  • Simplify bytestring check.
2008-11-11 David Roundy
  • resolve issue844: don’t call gzwrite with zero length.
2008-11-11 Petr Rockai
  • Avoid exporting cleanupRepositoryReplay.
2008-11-09 Trent W. Buck
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Choices.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Info.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Read.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Test.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Real.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Non.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Depends.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Check.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Viewing.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Unit.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.QuickCheck.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Permutations.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Patchy.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Bundle.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.FileName.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.Set.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Patch.MatchData.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.HashedRepo.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.Pristine.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.HashedIO.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.Cache.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.Format.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.ApplyPatches.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.InternalTypes.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Repository.Checkpoint.
2008-11-09 Petr Rockai
  • Make –match ‘date “after year”’ work into the future.
  • Add a test for matching ‘date “after year”’ working for future patches.
2008-11-10 Eric Kow
  • Remove franchise build file and test scripts.
2008-11-10 Eric Kow
  • Restore configure check for QuickCheck 2.1
2008-11-06 Petr Rockai
  • Fix Repair.applyAndFix.
2008-11-10 Eric Kow
  • Resolve conflicts between darcs repair and literacy removal patches
2008-11-06 Petr Rockai
  • Introduce syncSlurpy, that syncs slurpy to disk as needed.
2008-11-09 Eric Kow
  • Move Cabal based build to repository root
  • Remove makefile instructions to test franchise build
  • Remove now superfluous darcs.cabal.in
2008-11-05 Petr Rockai
  • Refactor Repository.Repair.replayRepository to get rid of CanRepair.
2008-11-10 Eric Kow
  • TAG 2.1.1rc2
  • Bump version number to 2.1.1rc2
  • ChangeLog entry for darcs 2.1.1rc2 (oops)
2008-11-10 Eric Kow
  • Rollback configure check for QuickCheck 2.1
2008-11-10 Eric Kow
  • TAG 2.1.1rc1
  • Bump version number to 2.1.1rc1
  • Remove colon in external.sh http get test
  • ChangeLog entries for darcs 2.1.1rc1
2008-11-09 Trent W. Buck
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.SlurpDirectory.Internal.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.SelectChanges.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Ordered.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.SignalHandler.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Sealed.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.TheCommands.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.TouchesFiles.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.RemoteApply.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.PrintPatch.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Show.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.SlurpDirectory.
2008-11-10 Thorkil Naur
  • Work around grep -Fw platform differences in haskell_policy.sh
2008-11-09 Petr Rockai
  • Handle EOF exceptions from hReady, in accordance with H98.
2008-11-07 Christian Kellermann
  • shell_harness script in haskell
2008-11-09 Thorkil Naur
  • Avoid test issue1017_whatsnew_stack.sh looping under buildbot control
2008-11-09 Trent W. Buck
  • Remove literacy stub from CommandLine.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Hopefully.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Global.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.CheckFileSystem.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Bug.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.IO.
  • Remove literacy stub from Darcs.Flags.
  • Haddockize Darcs.Lock.
2008-11-09 Eric Kow
  • Fix haddock bugs in ByteStringUtils
2008-10-23 Eric Kow
  • Reformat Darcs.URL comments as haddock.
2008-11-09 Eric Kow
  • Resolve conflicts (lstat vs de-literate)
2008-10-31 Reinier Lamers
  • hopefully less buggy version of get_unrecorded_in_files
2008-10-26 tux_rocker@reinier.de
  • make whatsnew use the lstat-saving functions to scan the working copy
  • make get_unrecorded_private work with type witnesses again
  • add a get_unrecorded_in_files to check for unrecorded changes in a subset of working directory
2008-11-09 Trent W. Buck
  • Keep OS X happy by passing a path to find(1).
2008-11-09 Eric Kow
  • Remove tabs in franchise build.
  • Move issue1017 test back into tests
2008-11-07 David Roundy
  • make unrecord work with type witnesses.
  • add franchise target for type witness testing.
  • cut dead code from Unrecord.
  • be more verbose when type witnesses are enabled in franchise.
  • enable type witnesses for show commands.
2008-11-08 Eric Kow
  • Check for base package version in configure.
  • Upgrade configure test to require QuickCheck 2.1
  • Do not compile with -Werror in configure tests either
2008-11-08 Salvatore Insalaco
  • Fix cabal file for lhs -> hs transition.
2008-11-08 Eric Kow
  • Add issue1189 fix suggested by Duncan to Cabal build
  • Do not build with -Werror
2008-11-08 Trent W. Buck
  • Haddockize Lcs.
2008-11-02 Eric Kow
  • Extend zlib franchise test to look for zlib
2008-10-26 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • switch to zlib with new interface for specifying decompressed size
2008-11-07 Eric Kow
  • Move issue1017 test back to bugs.
2008-11-07 Trent W. Buck
  • Remove dangling .lhs references.
2008-11-06 Eric Kow
  • Add comment to test pref
  • Fix typo in documentation
2008-11-06 David Roundy
  • resolve issue1189: define HAVE_SIGNALS in franchise build.
2008-11-06 Eric Kow
  • Canonize Eric Kow
  • Use make -j4 to run disttest.
2008-11-05 Petr Rockai
  • Change “Repairing patch” to “Replaying patch” as progress report in replayRepository.
2008-11-06 Eric Kow
  • Tweak issue1012 test to use temp1 as tempdir name
  • Clean up after previous tests in issue1017 test
2008-11-06 Trent W. Buck
  • Refactor test_network target.
  • Let DARCS_FILES and UNIT_FILES cope with .lhs/.hs renames.
2008-11-05 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • clean up .lhs versions of ThisVersion and Autoconf to make transition easier
2008-10-04 Tommy Pettersson
  • resolve issue864: check non-force replace against pending
2008-11-03 Eric Kow
  • Avoid using pkgconfig-depends for libcurl (cabal)
2008-10-28 Jason Dagit
  • change tabs to spaces in cabal’s Setup.hs
2008-10-27 Duncan Coutts
  • Use exceptions again in cabal Setup.hs
  • Make building with HTTP package work via cabal
  • Add the location of the darcs repo to the cabal file
  • Update cabal file for renamed ByteStringUtils module
  • When not using external zlib binding require z C lib (in cabal file)
  • Add the other modules and extra src files to the cabal file
  • Support building with libwww via Cabal
  • Update darcs.cabal for HAVE_SIGINFO_H
  • Make Setup.hs work with ghc-6.8 and 6.10 by not using exceptions
  • Add cabal support files under release/ directory
2008-10-25 Don Stewart
  • Add all required language extensions to .cabal.in file
2008-10-25 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • issue 1017 now fixed
2008-11-05 Eric Kow
  • Restore ‘pass/fail’ output in shell_harness.
2008-11-05 Trent W. Buck
  • Refactor away boilerplate in naughty ./configure-circumventing profile targets.
  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Typo: make distclean and maintainer-clean rules cumulative.
  • Refactor TAGS targets.
  • autoconf.mk doesn’t depend on darcs.cgi.in.
  • Delete unused “register” target.
  • Move cleanup rules to appropriate target (clean/distclean).
  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Merge autoconf.mk and .depend inclusion.
  • Make .hs.in of trivial .lhs.in files.
  • Make .hs of trivial .lhs files.
  • Split darcs.lhs into darcs.tex and darcs.hs.
  • Only .lhs (not .hs) files could possibly be TeX sources.
  • Typo: remove silly circular dependency.
  • Don’t warn unless ALL alternatives are missing.
  • If installed, use rubber(1) to quieten TeX.
  • Typo.
  • Turn procedural assignments (:=) into declarations (=).
  • Refactor .hi rule.
  • Refactor install rules.
  • Refactor targets that prevent “include autoconf.mk” (and .depend).
  • Generate TEXSOURCES programmatically.
  • Generate DARCS_FILES by blacklist, not whitelist.
  • Use $@ and $* to shrink test_harness.
  • Refactor test rules.
  • Don’t call GHC on autoconf.mk in .depend rule.
  • Miscellaneous refactoring.
  • Replace procedural := with declarative =.
  • Obviate SRC_DIRS altogether.
  • Ameliorative ChangeLog mode hint for Emacs.
2008-10-06 Florent Becker
  • quickCheck tests for QuickCheck 2.1
2008-11-03 Reinier Lamers
  • add yet another braindead file path to file path canonicalization test
  • Add bug script for issue1196
  • Fix “make bugs” target in makefile
  • Try a bit harder to hack darcs pathname canonicalization in tests
2008-10-25 Trent W. Buck
  • Typo: install-pdf was trying to install *.ps.
  • Typo.
  • Add conventional install-ps/pdf/html targets.
  • Use new “ps”, “pdf” and “html” targets.
  • Clean hspwd.
  • Colour test output in Emacs’ M-x compile.
  • Reduce loquacity of haddock targets.
  • Fix some predicates I accidentally reversed.
  • release/debian is long gone.
  • Make it obvious why deps are being filtered.
  • Leverage gmake’s order-only dependencies.
2008-10-28 Jason Dagit
  • -fregs-graph seems to be a problem on both ghc 6.6 and 6.10
2008-11-02 Eric Kow
  • Resolve conflict between make darcs_p and make continuous
2008-10-26 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • restore -auto-all to profiling options
  • avoid .depend doubling in size on every make
2008-10-26 Eric Kow
  • Also clean intermediate profiling files.
  • Do not use -threaded when building darcs_p
  • Clean up how darcs_p is built
  • Allow the profiling and non-profiling versions of darcs to co-exist
  • Add -fregs-graph to build instructions for SHA1.o
2008-11-03 Simon Michael
  • replace a hoogle workaround with a comment, we now index names beginning with _
2008-11-02 Trent W. Buck
  • Make haddock aware of CommandLine module comment.
  • Refactor QuickCheck 2 test.
  • Use cute short form of $(dir) and $(notdir).
  • Refactor dependency declaration for helper utils.
  • Turn descriptive commands into comments.
  • Quieten removal of “Main” intermediaries.
  • Add conventional “pdf”, “ps” and “html” targets.
  • Don’t override MAKEFLAGS’s -j.
  • Use ANNOUNCE_GHC convention for darcs.
  • Conventionalize make rule for hspwd.
  • Reduce disttest noise for teetotalers.
2008-11-03 David Roundy
  • resolve conflict in makefile.
2008-10-29 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • fixup SRC_DIRS
  • a slight simplification
  • clarify SlurpDirectory interface
  • cleanup some patterns
  • simplify slurp_has_anycase
  • another obvious use of the SlurpyMap
  • bug fix
  • make use of the SlurpyDir Map in the obvious places
  • dumb changeover of SlurpDir contents from [] to Map
  • refactor Slurpy to common up name component between File/Dir