News and discussions

  1. Sad news and steady changes. David will be stepping down from leadership of the darcs project, with Eric taking over in these new roles.
  2. Planet darcs. New aggregator for blogs from the darcs community. Posts to the planet are mainly but not necessarily always related to darcs
  3. Standard darcs benchmarks. Let’s get serious about numbers.
  4. Haskell talk at Columbia Area Linux Users Group. Andrew Robbins talks about “How the Haskell programming language promotes bug-free software.by enforcing heavy restrictions on source code, and on several open source software projects that use Haskell for this purpose (darcs, parsec, xmonad, yi).”
  5. How does conflict marking work? Ian peers into the heart of conflict marking.
  6. New camp trac and mailing list!


Thanks to our patch reviewers this week!

  • Trent Buck
  • Jason Dagit
  • Florent Becker

Issues resolved in the last week (1)

issue1183 Thorkil Naur

Patches applied in the last week (99)

2008-10-23 Trent W. Buck
  • Remove unpleasant sequencing operators (;) from haddock targets.
  • Remove obsolete “deb” target.
  • Explain ghcflags_fancy.
  • Tweak C_OBJS declaration.
  • DARCS_FILES_DEPS is never bound, so don’t evaluate it.
  • Generate SRC_DIRS programmatically.
  • Typo: inadequate quotation in configure.ac.
2008-10-28 Spencer Janssen
  • ByteStringUtils: simply re-export BS functions for GHC > 6.6
2008-10-26 Don Stewart
  • cleaner implementation of linesPS test
  • remove dead code
  • pack the small string, rather than unpack the bytestring
2008-10-29 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • remove quadratic blowups from mapPrimFL
2008-11-02 David Roundy
  • resolve another replace conflict.
2008-10-28 Jason Dagit
  • use fmap in unit.lhs
  • use fmap in Patch.Apply
  • use fmap in Match
  • use fmap in Lock
  • use fmap in External
  • use fmap in Diff
  • use fmap in Commands.Send
  • use fmap in Commands.Annotate
  • use fmap in ByteStringUtils
2008-11-02 David Roundy
  • add test of lazy get of lazy get.
  • simplify Setup.hs a bit.
  • revert hashing change that ignores all but last 20 bytes of each line.
  • resolve conflicts
2008-10-26 Eric Kow
  • Unused import police
2008-10-28 Jason Dagit
  • fixup ByteString compatibility for sake of ghc6.6
  • clean up module imports after ByteString changes
2008-10-27 Don Stewart
  • small merges
  • Remove all references to FastPackedString the module. Gone
  • remove last references to the PackedString type
2008-10-26 Jason Dagit
  • clean up module imports after ByteString changes
2008-10-26 Don Stewart
  • remove dead code
  • remove all references to unsafeWithCStringLenPS
  • remove all references to mallocForeignPtr
  • remove all references to createPS
  • and in tests
  • remove all traces of packString
  • remove all references to breakOnPS
  • remove all references to spanEndPS
  • remove all references to indexPSW (only ever used as ‘head’)
  • remove all references to generatePS
2008-10-26 Jason Dagit
  • clean up imports in other modules after ByteString refactorings
2008-10-26 Don Stewart
  • Remove all references to dropWhilePS, clean up silly_lex while I’m here
  • pure haskell implementation of breakSpace, from Data.ByteString
  • remove fpstring.c:first_nonwhite, in favor of pure haskell implementation
  • remove all references to dropPS
  • remove all references to concatPS
  • remove all references to findLastPS
  • remove all references to breakPS
  • remove all references to findPS
  • remove all references to packWords
  • remove all references to takePS
  • Remove appendPS, dead code
  • remove all references to initPS
  • remove all references to tailPS
  • remove all references to nilPS
2008-10-26 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • remove writeFilePS usage from HTTP.hs
2008-10-26 Don Stewart
  • Remove all references to unpackPS
  • optimise use of unpack in Format.lhs
  • Optimize inefficiency when unpacking string for tok replace
  • Optimize hunk handling not to needlessly unpack bytestrings
  • Don’t unpack the same bytestring twice in two lines
  • Optimize ignore_junk to not unpack the bytestring
2008-10-26 Jason Dagit
  • remove nullPS from Darcs.Patch.Test
2008-10-26 Don Stewart
  • Remove all references to nullPS
  • remove all references to headPS
2008-10-26 Jason Dagit
  • make BC.last depend on GADT_WITNESSES in Diff.lhs
2008-10-26 Don Stewart
  • remove all references to splitAtPS
  • More explict import lists
  • explicit import lists
  • remove all referenes to lengthPS
  • replace reimplementation of c2w with bytestring’s c2w
  • remove references to indexPS
  • remove references to lastPS
  • remove references anyPS
  • remove references to hGetPS
  • remove references to hPutPS
  • Remove all references to hGetContentsPS
  • remove references to readFilePS
  • Remove references to writeFilePS
  • Remove splitPS in favor of its definition
  • Remove OldFastPackedString entirely
2008-10-25 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • just hash the last 20 characters in LCS
2008-11-02 David Roundy
  • compensate for bugfix in franchise in defineAs.
  • TAG unstable before bytestring patches.
  • changes to work with latest franchise.
2008-10-28 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • rewrite partitionFL and partitionRL to reduce the number of commutes they do
2008-11-01 David Roundy
  • don’t link into the manual, since this is fragile.
2008-10-30 Eric P. Mangold
2008-10-30 David Roundy
  • enable unbox-strict-fields in Setup.hs.
2008-10-30 Thorkil Naur
  • Fix issue1183
2008-10-30 David Roundy
  • make default be to –run-posthook and –run-prehook
  • rename smart_diff to unsafeDiff to reflect its unsafeness.
  • make a few changes to the sporadically-failing init.sh script.
2008-10-26 Don Stewart
  • replace insanely low level version of ifHeadThenTail with uncons
  • Remove dead code: reversePS
2008-10-26 Jason Dagit
  • add exception to haskell_policy.sh for Data.ByteString.readFile