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  2. darcsweb-1.1 released! With darcs 2 support, bugfixes and syntactic highlighting. Congratulations, Alberto!
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Thanks to our patch reviewers for this week for giving David a hand!

  • Trent Buck
  • Reinier Lamers
  • Jason Dagit

Issues resolved in the last week (8)

issue395 Reinier Lamers
issue628 Christian Kellermann
issue774 Salvatore Insalaco
issue839 Simon Michael
issue1000 Christian Kellerman
issue1023 Salvatore Insalaco
issue1046 Simon Michael
issue1051 Florent Becker

Patches applied in the last week (73)

2008-10-26 Jason Dagit
  • add exception to haskell_policy.sh for Data.ByteString.readFile
2008-10-29 David Roundy
  • add a test for whatsnew given a file argument.
2008-10-29 Thorkil Naur
  • Add (failing) test for issue1162
2008-10-28 Jason Dagit
  • Fixup LANGUAGE pragmas for the sake of ghc6.6
2008-10-25 Don Stewart
  • Add -fno-warn-name-shadowing
  • Add LANGUAGE pragmas for explicit language extensions
  • Add LANGUAGE extensions for explicit language extensions
  • Add LANGUAGE pragmas for explicit language extensions
  • Add LANGUAGE pragmas for explicit language extensions
2008-10-28 Jason Dagit
  • use fmap in Darcs.Utils
  • use fmap in DateMatcher
  • use fmap in list_authors.hs
  • add one more Functor instance
  • add more Functor instances
  • add some Functor instances
  • use fmap in Compat
  • use fmap in Commands.Tag
  • use fmap in Commands.Replace
  • use fmap in Commands.Optimize
  • use fmap in Commands.Diff
  • use fmap in Commands.Add
  • use fmap in ArgumentDefaults
2008-10-26 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • add a comment
  • add some haddock to get_slurp_context_*
2008-10-27 Benedikt Schmidt
  • test for darcs changes and unrecorded moves
  • simplify TouchesFiles.look_touch
2008-10-26 Salvatore Insalaco
  • Fix echo handling in windows scripts.
  • resolve issue774: fix character echo on win32.
2008-10-28 David Roundy
  • remove export of read_pending.
  • cut unused argument to with_selected_patch_from_repo.
2008-10-27 Simon Michael
  • “make continuous” or “make ci” rebuilds darcs whenever files change
  • resolve issue0839: enable global cache by default
  • refactor get_global, make it more cross-platform
  • explain global cache a little more clearly
  • resolve issue1046: record nothing when only a non-repo file is specified
2008-10-27 David Roundy
  • fix bug in haddock docs.
2008-10-25 Ganesh Sittampalam
  • accumulate hash strictly in hash/hashPS
  • remove trailing whitespace
  • add a few comments/update annotate docs slightly
2008-10-24 Reinier Lamers
  • resolve issue395: warn the user when the patch name looks like a command line option
2008-10-25 Salvatore Insalaco
  • Fix newline endings on Windows for HTTP module.
  • resolve issue1023: bracket file writing to prevent windows permission errors.
2008-10-25 Christian Kellerman
  • resolve issue1000: warn when tags are too short (length name <2)
2008-10-24 Trent W. Buck
  • $DARCS is no longer set by shell_harness.
  • Cleanup after others before running tests.
2008-10-24 Florent Becker
  • resolve issue1051: Allow –dry-run –interactive
2008-10-24 David Roundy
  • franchise now has optimization-disabling built in.
2008-10-22 Florent Becker
  • making Darcs.Patch.Set comment into haddock
2008-10-24 David Roundy
  • fix documentation bug.
2008-10-24 Florent Becker
  • Haddock typoes and formatting in Darcs.Match
2008-10-24 Christian Kellermann
  • enable the use of $SENDMAIL for darcs send
  • resolve issue628: reuse the long comment code from Darcs.record
  • code cleanup
  • Canonize Christian Kellermann
2008-10-24 Eric Kow
  • Clarify darcs transfer-mode debug message.
2008-10-24 Trent W. Buck
  • Use ANNOUNCE_GHC convention for .depend.
  • Use $@ to avoid repetition in makefile.
2008-10-23 Reinier Lamers
  • improve test_unit performance with QuickCheck 2.1
2008-10-23 Eric Kow
  • Remove unused functions just_dir and drop_paths from FilePathUtils.
  • Replace just_dir with System.FilePath.takeFileName.
2008-10-23 Trent W. Buck
  • Appease GHC by removing unused import.
  • Typo.
2008-10-22 Florent Becker
  • Haddock documentation for Darcs.Patch.Match
  • haddock documentation and better names for Darcs.Match
  • remove duplicate Darcs.Match.doesnt_not_match
2008-10-23 Eric Kow
  • Do not use literate Haskell for Darcs.Population and PopulationData
  • Convert Darcs.Population and Darcs.PopulationData comments into haddock.
  • Remove redundant nullPI
  • Fix placement of ChangeLog signatures.
  • Make threading mandatory in darcs.cabal.in.
  • Remove Changelog.README.
  • Style tweak in Darcs.Utils.firstNotBlank
  • Minor Haskell style refactor.