News and discussions

  1. Darcs 2.1.0 released! With 20 bug fixes and 7 new features. Notable changes: darcs-2 repositories by default, HTTP robustness and better pending patch handling.
  2. Optimising darcs annotate. Darcs annotate is too slow. Proposed solution: create a cache mapping filenames to patches. Stay tuned for fast annotate in the future…
  3. Eleven new contributors since darcs 2.0.2. Thanks, Alex, Florent, Gaetan, Judah, Matthias, Max, Nathaniel, Steve, Taylor, Thorkil, and Vlad!


Thanks to our patch reviewers for this week for giving David a hand!

  • Trent Buck
  • Tommy Pettersson

Issues resolved in the last week (6)

issue1104 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue1109 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue1111 Tommy Pettersson
issue1124 Thorkil Naur
issue1128 Benjamin Franksen
issue1131 Dmitry Kurochkin

Patches applied in the last week (35)

2008-10-09 Eric Kow
  • TAG 2.1.0
  • Rollback send-external test.
  • ChangeLog entries for 2.1.0 (tweaks).
2008-10-01 zooko@zooko.com
  • disable tests/issue1078_symlink.sh on Windows
2008-10-08 Eric Kow
  • Bump version number to 2.1.0.
  • Canonize Benjamin Franksen.
  • ChangeLog entries for darcs 2.1.0.

2008-10-07 florent.becker@ens-lyon.org ~ - haddock documentation for Printer

2008-10-08 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Use copyFile+renameFile for safe copy in URL.waitNextUrl.
2008-10-08 David Roundy
  • add simple test of interactive record.
2008-10-08 Thorkil Naur
  • resolve issue1124: Test pull.sh failed when run as root
2008-10-08 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Resolve issue1131: accept download requests for different files.
2008-10-07 David Roundy
  • add test for send –sendmail-command.
2008-10-07 ben.franksen@online.de
  • fixed accidental merge of two lines in default boring; removed pattern for directory “dist”

2008-10-07 benjamin.franksen@bessy.de ~ - resolve issue1128: must call execSendmail inside body of withOpenTemp

2008-10-07 Eric Kow
  • Nicer bug output (it was missing a space).

2008-10-02 florent.becker@ens-lyon.org ~ - haddock documentation for ColorPrinter

2008-10-02 David Roundy
  • disable progress reports when connecting to an ssh server.
2008-10-02 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Resolve issue1109: stop progress reports in exec_interactive.
  • Resolve issue1104: stop progress reports in exec.
2008-10-06 David Roundy
  • fix tab in Replace that broke haskell-policy.sh test.
2008-10-05 Tommy Pettersson
  • hint about replace –force [issue864]
2008-10-04 Eric Kow
  • Add a toolbox.sh to tests
2008-10-05 Tommy Pettersson
  • fix issue966 test, use better temp dir name, and start clean
  • fix wrong ../path in failing issue1013 test
2008-10-04 David Roundy
  • mv issue1111 to tests/
2008-10-04 Tommy Pettersson
  • resolve issue1111: patchset_intersection used wrong selection for partitionRL
  • use longer patch names in issue1111 test for safer grep result
2008-10-03 Matthias Kilian
  • The pager defaults to less(1), not more(1)
2008-10-04 Eric Kow
  • Fix cd bugs in conflict-doppleganger test.
2008-10-03 Tommy Pettersson
  • fix test issue1110, remove duplicates of cd ..
2008-10-03 Eric Kow
  • Add a shell test template.
2008-09-27 Eric Kow
  • Reformat Darcs.CommandsAux comments as haddock.
2008-10-03 Tommy Pettersson
  • haddock documentation for ColorPrinter
2008-10-01 David Roundy
  • only show ‘diffing dir’ when debugging.