News and discussions

  1. Second pre-release of darcs 2.1.0 (formerly known as 2.0.3) This version of darcs will produce darcs-2 format repositories by default
  2. New issue manager - Thorkil Naur. The darcs team now has an official Issue Manager role. Thorkil will be ensuring that incoming reports are responded to in a timely manner, and that all bugs are eventually moved to a resolved state.
  3. Hoogling the darcs source?

Issues resolved in the last week (5)

issue27 David Roundy
issue53 Eric Kow
issue805 David Roundy
issue1039 Dmitry Kurochkin
issue1041 Vlad Dogaru

Patches applied in the last week (54)

2008-09-25 Eric Kow
  • TAG 2.1.0pre2
  • Bump version number to 2.1.0pre2.
  • ChangeLog entries for 2.1.0pre2
  • ChangeLog entries: more stuff to ignore
2008-09-24 David Roundy
  • resolve issue805: make darcs-2 format the default for new repositories.
  • make flagsToPristine obey repository format.
  • simplify patches in rollback.
2008-09-24 Eric Kow
  • More readable length comparison.
  • Haddock some primitive patch functions.
2008-09-23 David Roundy
  • move issue27 test to bugs directory, since it fails.
2008-09-18 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Add test for issue27.
2008-09-23 Eric Kow
  • Add a test case for issue1078
2008-09-23 David Roundy
  • give more useful failure message in HTTP for proxy errors.
2008-09-23 Eric Kow
  • HTTP: detect proxy server (failing if we want one)
2008-09-23 droundy@darcs.net
  • fix filepath code to work with FilePath package that preceded filepath.
2008-09-22 David Roundy
  • fix type witness bug in createRepository.
2008-09-22 Eric Kow
  • Resolve conflict between replace patches in Darcs.Arguments
  • Resolve issue53: check for windows filename validity in darcs add/mv.
  • Use –reserved-ok to allow a file with ’:’ in it in tests.
  • Add test for issue53.
  • Add –reserved-ok flag for darcs add and mv.
  • Check for filepath package in configure.
2008-09-22 David Roundy
  • simplify fix for issue1041.
  • translate conflict-doppleganger test to bash.
2008-09-22 Eric Kow
  • Translate mark-conflicts test into shell.
  • Stop calling the darcs-2 format experimental.
  • Move repository creation to Darcs.Repository.
2008-09-22 David Roundy
  • remove test_unit from disttest to speed things up.
  • resolve issue1041: add test for issue1041.
2008-09-22 Vlad Dogaru
  • Get: if URL is invalid, direcotry is not created (#1041)
2008-09-22 Trent W. Buck
  • Replace –without-docs with less ambiguous –without-manual (issue1082).
2008-09-22 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Documentation for –allow-unrelated-repos.
  • Rename –ignore-unrelated-repos to –allow-unrelated-repos.
2008-09-21 David Roundy
  • fix bug I introduced into issue1039 test.
2008-09-18 Judah Jacobson
  • Fix hang after a user input error (for example, EOF).
2008-09-21 David Roundy
  • replace consRLSealed with a more general mapFlipped.
  • make issue1039 fix allow small dissimilar repositories.
  • revert refactor that breaks type witnesses.
2008-09-19 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Add ’–ignore-unrelated-repos’ option to disable unrelated repositories check.
  • Resolve issue1039: detect seemingly unrelated repositories when doing push, pull and send.
  • Refactor in pull_cmd.
  • Test for issue1039.
2008-09-18 Simon Michael
  • manual: add an example of record –pipe prompts similar to tag –pipe docs
  • user manual corrections regarding what record and tag –pipe prompt for
  • clarify the short help for –pipe
2008-09-19 Trent W. Buck
  • Use gmakeisms for prettier output.
2008-09-19 Dmitry Kurochkin
  • Spaces in Darcs.Arguments.
  • Spaces in Darcs.Commands.Send.
  • Spaces in Darcs.Commands.Pull.
  • Spaces in Darcs.Commands.Push.
  • Print “We have the following patches to send:” only when we really have somthing to send.
2008-09-17 David Roundy
  • fix changes.pl test (translating to bash)
  • hokey fix to allow unit tests to generate random input.
  • resolve issue27: add junk to patch identifiers.