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As people discover and use darcs, a number are expressing their excitement in their blogs. Here’s a sampling:

Version Control Comparisons

Not necessary blogs:

Darcs troubles

  • darcs: a study in communication failure (2008) ‘’The darcs revision control system has all but lost out to git within the past few months. A rather large part of the reason is a rushed and very poorly worded release announcement, following a rather long (I’m told 4 years; I haven’t been aware of it that long, which itself is perhaps ominous) post-1.0 silence from the darcs developers’’
  • Reexamining Darcs & Mercurial
    1. I continue to believe that it is the most distributed of the distributed VCSs, which is a Good Thing. However, I have lately started having trouble with Darcs hanging while working on my Debian packages.