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Building darcs

If your distribution provides a pre-built binary package of a recent Darcs release, you are strongly encouraged to use that rather than building Darcs yourself.

If you have (or can install) the Haskell Platform this is the next best option, as this will resolve build dependencies automatically. To download, compile and install Darcs and its dependencies via cabal-install, the build tool provided by the Haskell Platform, simply run

cabal update
cabal install darcs

If you cannot install the Haskell Platform or cabal-install, you need to run

ghc --make Setup
./Setup configure
./Setup build
./Setup install

This will require the following build dependencies:

Additional build dependencies are declared in the darcs.cabal file, and ./Setup configure will tell you if any required build dependencies aren't found.

Daniil 2014-02-06