darcs-2.11.0: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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Patch matching options.

These are all of the same type MatchOption defined below.

Multiple flags per option are allowed and do not raise a conflict error. This is how Darcs currently operates, even though I suspect that it ignores all but the first MatchFlag (since it does so for many other options).

Given a suitable semantics (and documentation thereof), for instance "all the given patterns must match", this could be turned into a useful feature.





:: MatchOption

show files/contents, dist, annotate

matchOneContext :: MatchOption

Used by: clone

matchOneNontag :: MatchOption

Used by: amend

matchSeveral :: MatchOption

Used by: rebase pull, apply, send, push, pull, fetch

matchSeveralOrFirst :: MatchOption

Used by: rebase unsuspend/reify

matchSeveralOrLast :: MatchOption

Used by: unrecord, obliterate, rebase suspend, rollback

matchRange :: MatchOption

Used by: diff

matchSeveralOrRange :: MatchOption

Used by: log

matchAny :: MatchOption