darcs-2.11.0: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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type HashedIO p = StateT (HashDir RW p) IO

copyHashed :: String -> Cache -> WithWorkingDir -> String -> IO ()

Grab a whole pristine tree from a hash, and, if asked, write files in the working copy.

copyPartialsHashed :: FilePathLike fp => Cache -> String -> [fp] -> IO ()

getHashedFiles :: String -> [String] -> IO [String]

getHashedFiles returns all hash files targeted by files in hashroots in the hashdir directory.

data RW



pathsAndContents :: FilePath -> Cache -> String -> IO [(FilePath, ByteString)]

Returns a list of pairs (FilePath, (strict) ByteString) of the pristine tree starting with the hash root. path should be either . or end with / Separator / is used since this function is used to generate zip archives from pristine trees.