darcs-2.11.0: a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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data Named p wX wY where

The Named type adds a patch info about a patch, that is a name.

NamedP info deps p represents patch p with name info. deps is a list of dependencies added at the named patch level, compared with the unnamed level (ie, dependencies added with darcs record --ask-deps).


NamedP :: !PatchInfo -> ![PatchInfo] -> !(FL p wX wY) -> Named p wX wY 

infopatch :: PatchInfo -> FL p wX wY -> Named p wX wY

adddeps :: Named p wX wY -> [PatchInfo] -> Named p wX wY

namepatch :: String -> String -> String -> [String] -> FL p wX wY -> IO (Named p wX wY)

anonymous :: FL p wX wY -> IO (Named p wX wY)

getdeps :: Named p wX wY -> [PatchInfo]

patchname :: Named p wX wY -> String

patchcontents :: Named p wX wY -> FL p wX wY

fmapNamed :: (forall wA wB. p wA wB -> q wA wB) -> Named p wX wY -> Named q wX wY

fmapFL_Named :: (FL p wA wB -> FL q wC wD) -> Named p wA wB -> Named q wC wD

mergerIdNamed :: MergeFn p1 p2 -> MergeFn p1 (Named p2)