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Darcs @VERSION@ announcement (@DATE@)

The darcs team would like to announce the immediate availability of darcs @XXX@, a distributed, advanced revision control system written in Haskell.

This release fixes a number of issues that were found in darcs @PREVIOUS_VERSION@. ((MAYBE? We strongly recommend that WHO? upgrade to this version.)). ((UP TO THREE IMPORTANT CHANGES))

The easiest way to install darcs is using the Haskell Platform 1. If you have installed the Haskell Platform or cabal-install, you can install this release by doing:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install darcs

Alternatively, you can download the tarball from http://darcs.net/releases/darcs-@VERSION@.tar.gz and build it by hand as explained in the README file.

What’s New

  • Important changes in Darcs @VERSION@

  • Issues resolved in Darcs @VERSION@

    • @NNNN@: issue
    • ((NB: you should segregrate the regressions that were only introduced in HEAD darcs, ie. that weren’t already present in the last release))

Reporting bugs

If you have an issue with darcs @VERSION@, you can report it via the web on http://bugs.darcs.net/ . You can also report bugs by email to bugs@darcs.net.