See Donations for details.

Previous fundraising drives

  • 2009-03 (aim: $1000 for darcs hacking sprint travel, raised: $1025, spent: ?)


We now know what to do with small amounts of money : pay for sprints (travel, venues, etc). This stub is for organising our fundraising mechanisms.

  • Who do people give money to?
  • How do we spend it?
  • How can we keep things lightweight?
  • Who do we ask for money?

Possible uses for the money

  • Bounties?
  • Raising loads of cash to pay a developer for a year?
  • Getting Microsoft to hire an intern for us? [note: would need to BSD-license the relevant bits of darcs]
  • Pay for sprint venues and travel
  • Hosting - how would money help make this situation better?