Here are some of the bigger tasks from the tracker that would be appropriate for somebody who has made it past a few ProbablyEasy patches and wants something more substantial to work on

Code quality

  • see Cleanup
  • improved separation of user IO from darcs business (issue1483)
  • separation of library into core/repo/commands?

Bug fixes

  • Sort out XML and encodings issues (issue1692, issue1693)

Core features

  • Patch annotations (issue1613)

User interface

  • Reduce the number of alternatives presented when there are complicated conflicts
  • Include patch names in conflict markers (issue833)
  • A Windows installer (issue1687)
  • Plugin system (issue1504)
  • Make darcs really non-interactive if user desires so


  • hashed repository
    • performance of darcs add (issue1938)
    • insufficient garbage collection of hashed files (issue1934)
    • darcs optimize –clean (issue305)
    • break up ~/.darcs/cache into subdirectories (issue1624, patch72)
  • record huge patches (issue80)
  • Implement a RULES system (maybe Don’s streams?) to allow deforestation/fusion (issue1567)