Darcs code quality could use a lot of improvement. Slow reformation is the name of the game. Keeping heading towards better.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Hlint (also useful for sprints)

  2. Coding style

  3. Hunt for duplicated code

  4. Check module import/export lists

  5. Break huge functions up into small pieces

  6. - haddocking darcs module by module

Coverage issues

  1. Internals : high-level developer docs; for example, do we have darcs code overview?

  2. Haddocks: we should have full coverage (or know that uncovered ones are obvious)

  3. Tests? But how?

Bigger projects

  1. Darcs monad: issue1895

  2. Make patch library separate

  3. Kick out
    • our getopt stuff for something like cmdlibs/args: issue1550
    • path manipulation? issue1791
    • spinning off crypto, edit distance libraries and more?


  1. More 3rd party, less us.

See also

  • DarcsLibraries we need to clean this page up or move it under Development maybe