News and discussions

  1. Darcs 2.2.1 should be released next week. Petr Rockai has put online
    the first release candidate:

* http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2009-February/017528.html ~ - http://repos.mornfall.net/darcs/darcs-2.2.1rc1.tar.gz

  1. As part of work to make darcs rely more on external haskell modules,
    Judah Jacobson’s Haskeline patches are being examinated and discussed:

* http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2009-February/017563.html ~ - http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2009-February/017667.html

Issues resolved in the last week (0)

Patches applied in the last week (15)

2009-02-06 Petr Rockai
  • Update tests/network/changes.sh (we don’t use $DARCS for ages now).
2009-02-05 Eric Kow
  • Update shell_harness to work with new Distribution.ShellHarness.
2009-02-05 Petr Rockai
  • Cabal: In test, use the darcs binary in the build directory.
  • Interestingly, witnesses also need send_email.c on win32.
  • Look for diff & sendmail at runtime, not compile time.
  • One more witnesses build fix (-lz).
2009-02-03 Judah Jacobson
  • Remove a redundant clause from the Cabal file."
  • Tell Cabal about send_email.c on Windows.
  • Don’t use the bytestring-mmap package on Windows.
2009-02-04 Petr Rockai
  • Handle empty files in mmapFilePS. Also cater for FD shortage.
2009-01-31 Eric Kow
  • doc: Correct path to darcs cache on Windows
2009-02-03 Petr Rockai
  • System.Posix is also needed by witnesses on win32.
  • Cabal: Do not make absence of a diff tool fatal.
  • Pass -DWIN32 when compiling witnesses, on win32.
  • Outsource the (optional) mmap support to bytestring-mmap.